What would Mira's stage have looked like?

I imagine a throne in the middle but then I realize I’m thinking of ARIA’s stage

It probably would have been amazing. I imagine somethign along the lines of these…

I know the castle thing is kind of already covered by Wulf atm, but I think they could have been different enough to be their own things without them seeming too alike.


I love @anon39655210’s idea. Alternatively, if she were to get a stage, I’d like to see a forest of some sort, dark and gloomy environment. If she were one of the conflicted types of vampires who didn’t like what they had become (I should say this is highly unlikely given the tone of her laugh) maybe she chooses to fight where she died before, as a sort of harsh reminder. Just throwing out random ideas.

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What if they just made a night time version of Maya’s stage and call it city of dusk.
I’m not saying it would take no work a t all but it would be something to consider.

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I was hoping for something similar. But that’s another topic for another day. :slight_smile:

I like this idea, a lot, maybe post-Ultra background with the destroyed temple, and during an Ultra, the clouds part revealing the Full moon and you see the moon completely turn blood red (which would be cool to see such a drastic change in lighting)

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People wanted the Vampire to have a church stage. Don’t know why because holy objects have hurt vampires on films but if they did make her a stag I wouldn’t mind one like the one they had in SNK V Capcom.

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something like

or a creepy bridge with this background


I really love the first pic. Actually, all are great but I think the first is what I personally had hoped for.

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there is so much potential for a vampire stage. i cannot think that they won’t do it. let’s hope they will decide to make it (this and the rest stages :slight_smile: )

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i changed the colors a little, that could be the alternative of maya’s stage for mira ??


I want to give 20 likes. But instead I hope the devs give you a free s3 code :smile:

Anyway. Looks awesome!

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already have it… if i could ask for something is guys do not hurry with the next characters… take your time …make their stages(yes i know, give it another try). we can wait.(at least i can :stuck_out_tongue: )

Something like this will most likely be the case.


a unique stage would be better though. we stay tuned.

Stage variations would be alot cheaper. City at midnight looks great

This is a brilliant idea. If she can’t have her own stage, I wonder how hard this would be to achieve. @developers @TempusChaoti … Maybe throw a full moon up in the background and some bat swarms. Call it CITY OF DUSK. Lets push for this to happen as a community.


Honestly, me think something on the same level as her design, not much uniqueness to her. But I’ll say the stage probably would of looked beautiful.

I would have loved it to be something based around the creepy castle in the background of Sabrewulfs stage., either inside or in the grounds. It would have been cool to see Wulfs stage in the background with all the weird flashing and stuff going on and a nice sort of link.

Aww come on IG, don’t get lazy, make another stage for Mira…

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