What we know about season 3 so far

There will only be 3 additional stages:

Kim Wu’s (Confirmed)
The Arbiters? (Unconfirmed) Hinted at by Devs and shown in The Arbiter teaser trailer
Rash’s? (Unconfirmed)

4 Characters:

Kim Wu
The Arbiter

All stages have been redeveloped with a new lighting system

All characters have been nerfed/buffed

There will be no additional Ultimate’s in the game.

Anything I missed?

Only that it’s coming to PC at launch, and that there will be a new UI to accompany it (which we got a glimpse of at KIWC, complete with exploding logo)
Also, Rash confirmed to have the best taunt(s) in the history of fighting games.


Arbiter’s stage is confirmed. They confirmed it after people started nitpicking the “you’ve seen at least one” comment. And Rash’s stage was never mentioned at the World Cup.

Is Tusk 100% confirmed to be in Season 3? If so, could anyone post a source, please?
I hear people talk alot about Tusk, and he’s one of my favourite characters in the KI franchise, so I would of course LOVE to have him return, but have Iron Galaxy come forth and officially confirmed that he will indeed return?

Here’s a link http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2016/jan/03/tusk-confirmed-killer-instinct-season-3/ to 1 article but there are various sources confirming tusk too.

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Thank you so much. Well, then all I can do is just wait and see what they’ll do with him. ^^

I think its fair to put Gargos up on the confirmed list, considering he is both a returning character and the focal point of season 3’s story.

Nope that pretty much sums it up.

Which in my case: probably the least hype of all the seasons thus far. With only small things like the rest of the KI original cast possibly making a come-back.

Still happy for the Kim and Tusk fans though.

Well i hope there is more to be announced! If that is it, well after the great second season it is a major downer for me!

Changes to dojo mode are coming. Confirmed by Adam in @CrazyLCD’s interview iirc.

Ok that’s a start, but i hope there will be other new Characters as well! IG did a great job with the new ones in season 2!

I’m not sure we can confirm Gargos as a playable character. He is definitely part of the story and I would expect him as a playable character. But there are other possibilities. They have said in the past that they wouldn’t do non-playable bosses, but we’ve already had one in the form of Shago from S1. So that’s a possibility. Along with simply having Gargos as a story device that never makes it through the demonic portal. Sounds strange, I know, but we can’t be sure they won’t do that.

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Im starting to think that Gargos will not be playable. Omen is “that guy” that fills the Gargos archetype. Im starting to think its going to be 6 characters total. Tusk, vampire and Mira the remaining 3.
Im also thinking the Dojo will become a selectable stage.