What type of gamer are you?

Would YOU consider yourself to be a casual, moderate, or hardcore/die-hard gamer? Or somewhere in-between those gamer types?

In my case I now would consider myself to be somewhere in-between a casual and moderate gamer

Somewhere between moderate and hardcore.

Elite :sunglasses:

This, and so, so much more… :wink:

Moderate over all.
I play almost every kind of game and i am not hardcore or elite either on of them.
The games i play the most are; KI, Forza (horizon 2 and 6), gears of war, pvz garden warfare (yes, this to cause its so good in a funny way), borderlands 2 and titanfall. these games i play kinda hardcore and all other games casual. (got over 110 games allready on X1)
But i Always seem to come back to the hardcore games (for me). :wink:

Fun Gamer ithough fun is a relative term.

But I don’t take games seriously?

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A fun gamer that like Racing Games & Fighting Games.

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For e, fighting games and some platforming games which like sonic the hedgehog and the Mario games.

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