What to do BESIDES play in the tournament?

So i’m working on a project, and i need the help of people that have either traveled to tournaments, locals or just events in general relating to the FGC.

The obvious draw to a tournament is the tournament itself. What are some of the other things you either really, really enjoy or wish events did more of for players/spectators that attended events, not including tournaments? Every bit of information is helpful, even just cool ideas. Thanks.


One thing i did was try out a new game on casual stations.

I think most people don’t actually go for the tournament itself and to win. It’s more of an interact with the community type of thing.


Place to play casuals of the game (or others) is most important IMO. The most fun I’ve ever had at any tournament was just running games on the side.

If the city is big/nice enough to have its own draws outside the venue that’s cool too, but that’s more based on location than anything.


They are very unique and important because now you get to know who you are playing behind the xbox liver connection. You can learn about how they are thinking and get to know them more on the surface as well.

I’ve played offline casuals with @STORM179 @TheNinjaOstrich @SonicDolphin117 @UABass @MnTLetalis and many more players on this thread and gained insight into them as players and sometimes ppl.

I agree with Dul. Casuals are really fun to do, and you get to learn new things you wouldn’t learn online. You also get to meet the people behind the screens.

Like Dul and Storm are like the coolest friends I’ve come to know. And like Dul said, you learn more about the player when you play them in person. There’s things I know about Dul that you wouldn’t be able to know fighting him online.

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Hmm… Without going too far into details, my project involves organizing a local scene. I want the focus to be on casuals (maybe one tournament), but that alone does not feel strong enough to motivate someone to go to a event hall. So i’m searching for other ideas to give players incentive to go that i can research.


At the KIWC in 2017 the big draw for me other than the tournament was the battletoads turbo tunnel challenge. I know that’s an odd one, but it was really fun for me and I won a spinal color in the process. So I guess odd little side events that are vaguely related is what I mean to say. Prizes help but the prize itself was not the motivation for me as much as just having fun and feeling almost like I was on a game show. Plus I met other battletoads speedrunners there which was really cool and unexpected.

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If it helps. Do you Now of any local scenes in other parts off where you live? (It doesn’t have to be the same city or even country, just other local events in general)

Nothing that’s active regarding console/arcade gaming. Past events and meetups seem to have favored Smash and Street Fighter primarily with hardly any representation from Marvel, NRS or Anime fighters. This is Cleveland, Ohio, for reference; the notable events that ‘surround’ the area are events like Combo Breaker, NEC and KiT.

There’s small board gaming and D&D style meetups. But that’s not what my aim is, currently.

Yes, this is an awesome thing too. These new games sometimes have other things going for it too. Just this last SCR, I did the same thing with Dissidia and Fantasy Strike. I cannot stress how great this was for me at SCR last year.

Dissidia was interesting because the teams that got Top 2 for both days would get to play on the main stage for the 2nd day. I’ve been waiting to play this game ever since it was announced and played the entirety of the previous beta so I definitely had to make it on that stage, so I did. Long story short, I got beat but Beautifuldude’s team at the Grand Finals lol, but I had a great time and I made some extended connections (WonderChef was on my team). This also lead me to be in the Dissidia Finals, which was also awesome.

Then, there was Fantasy Strike. So after KI Top 8, a few of us went to sign up for the side tournament the next day. Nicky was really into this game and I had no idea what it was about. I had some matches with the developers (one of them played the character I was interested in too, which was helpful) so I learned a lot from those. There were a decent amount of NRS guys signing up for it too so that was gonna be interesting.

Anyway, this had around 300 people I believe so it was a LOOOOONG tournament. The matches I had against the developers helped me a lot, especially the mirror matches I had with that one developer. It gave me an idea of how I should be playing and I used that in the tournament. All of them were not ready to block Valerie’s cross-up (that actually surprised me because it’s not too difficult to see). So much so that I got 3rd and won a Steam-key for the game lol. Nicky couldn’t believe it. The devs congratulated me and then I went off to play in my Blazblue pool in a hurry. So yeah, that was fun. The guy that won was practicing the whole time prior with his Hitbox.

Here’s the match where I beat ForeverKing