What this action mean to you?

Yesterday while alternating some ranked matches with my boyfriend whenever we lose some players would keep crouching after the match/round (not over our character). I don’t see this as an act of disrecpect but he did, he considered this a long “teab…g” and he got mad about it and FT5 everyone, lol. Now I remember doing this to him myself in online and I didn’t know it bothered him that much :joy::joy::joy:

If I do things when the match ends they mean something of course, same as doing nothing does. But the crouching far from the rival is not a disrespect for me. What do you think about this action?

I’m more than fine with it. I see it as kneeling to the opponent and thanking them for a good match!


Exactly XD

I don’t think that means anything. If I play Wulf and I end the match with a Sweep, I’ll hold down until the Outro screen. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all.

It’s like saying Thanks!

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I often crouch when I win with Aganos, because it brings me down to their level. :grin:

What!? He’s tall! :sweat_smile:


I like gracefully back flipping away cause of how cool it looks, or sometimes it’s a miniature celebration without being too arse-y about it.

Also gotta love running across the stage with Spinal, anything aside from simulated genital face dunking I think can be taken in good humour.


It generally doesn’t make sense when you think about it with some characters (since most non human characters don’t even have gentials to begin with).

But the riptor dance is too funny. Looks like she’s dancing.


When a match is over for me, I just stay still to regain patience or practice some dashes / air mobility. No other options except taunting, as I can’t really practice setups or spacing when I can’t attack.
Only when wanting to stay still ingame, it’s a natural response to hold down-back due to being able to block and more easily antiair; nobody I know ever just sits in neutral in fighting games. I’m especially used to holding down-back and sitting there because I enjoy playing charge characters in other fighting games.

That’s usually why I crouch, anyway. Sometimes I do it for amusement, like crouching with Aria to make it look like she’s checking they’re okay.

Eh, I could see it as being considered a non-teabag: they want to teabag, some way of communicating “haha, I’m beating you”, and they know that teabagging has a stigma to it so they perform a similar movement so they can claim it’s “not a teabag”.
Several typical non-teabag moves are dashing up & down your opponent’s body, standing at the optimal teabag positions (over the midsection or head), backing away slowly while constantly tapping down…

Bottom line is no matter how you move in between rounds, someone looking for an insult will find one.

Personally if someone does something like that to me I try to make all their gloating for naught by beating them. Then again I was planning to do that anyway.

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Back in S1 it was considered kneeling, a way to say “good game” though i think too many people thought they were getting teabagged so i stopped doing it, not sure about others though.


Open the door. Get on the floor. Everybody do the dinosaur.



I do it after every match and sometimes in between rounds when I play against someone’s shadow. I back away from the opponent and I hold down.

During a match, it’s my way of saying “okay, let’s reset things here.” It probably sounds stupid from a strategic perspective, but if I just bodied the opponent, or even if it’s close, I try to back off and give them a little breathing room before I jump back in on them.

As for the end of a match, it’s my way of kneeling and saying “good game” or “thanks for the challenge.” It’s the only way I can think of to try and display respect after a match. In some cases, it’s me avenging a bounty, so I really want to make a point of saying “thanks for challenging my Sadira!” I appreciate it and I’m trying to convey that appreciation. It’d be cool if we had a respect taunt, but that’s another conversation for another day. :slight_smile:

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I thought that in some games, at the start of a round, you could fully back off your opponent and do a taunt. It was meant to say something like ‘lets have a good game’ or ‘its cool to play against you’ or something along those lines…

If I taunt between rounds and I’m losing I’m just saying to myself “Get up girl!” I’m not procoking the one winning hahaha. I love Wulf’s howl so much. I even used to do it in the old ones even though I had the bar.

It’s a nice way to put it. I love the idea of repect taunt too. And something you said about giving space to the opponent is something I used to do a lot in fighters. Now it depends on the situation but I remember my first year playing KI would do it all the time. Do you remember the old KIs? the characters would give space automatically in between rounds XD

I just back up to the edge of the screen. Some people just hold down between rounds out of habbit, and because of this habbit they have formed, they end up doing it at the end of the match also.

A simple bow animation would be a nice little addition, it would make intentions clear at least instead of all this ambiguity! The pc game Blade Symphony has one so players can signal when they’re ready to start a duel and to show respect to their opponent after one.