What the hell was that

Sorry I dont have video of this.

I was playing as Tusk

Basically I did s.HP, opponent went into danger mode, followed it with light skull splitter into Ultra, I friggin started Ultra, landed first hit with theme song note already, and he ■■■■■■ broke it and fight carried on.

Was this lag or what?

That would be lag, possibly a desync. I’ve seen a LOT of wacky things of late, like this.

The other day I did a counter breaker and immediately got THROWN!

I will also end a match, here the death scream of the other player’s character and yet they are still fighting. :confused:


Sounds like very serious rollback. If the game is having to rewind and reconcile lots of frames then you will see incongruent stuff like this.

Rollback, I heard a Jago died like three times but he would get some pixels back and still standing (nope, he was not un Instinct gaining health)

I hate that soooo much -____- (in fg games more than anything)