What new moves, mechanics and archetypes could be added to characters in KI yet?

Personally I would like to see characters who use stuff like:
-stun, like Scorpion’s spear or Cyrax net
-assist from off screen like Noob Saibot, R. Mika or Hellfire Scorpion
-mind controlling move like Quan Chi
-special move stealing like Shinnok
-DoT trap like Erron Black’s caltrops (without hitstun)
-some kind of protective wall absorbing hit like Sub Zero’s clone in MKX
-prone position that allows you to duck under projectiles, and ability to move (crawl) in that position
-deflecting projectile back at enemy
-boomerang projectile
-projectile from above

And that’s all that comes to my mind right now, sorry if I pointed something that is already in game. What are your suggestions?


Freezing I want that.


Isn’t that technically Aganos?

And technically Riptor’s predator mode?

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Yea, but Aganos walls dont protect him, they limit opponent’s space and are source of chunks/club. I mean something like a barricade that could absorb moves and stop opponents while he destroys them.

I am aware of Riptor’s stance but does it allow him to crawl under projectiles? I meant something like Gen-An from Samurai Shodown.

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I meant Aganos himself lol

technically yes. You can even hop under them


Isn’t that Spinal’s heavy skull? And Kilgore’s rockets?


Also, yes. Although, Hail, Omen’s low fireballs, Firecats, Spinal Light Skull, and Eyedol’s Light Lightning can still hit her.

Clock up like Quantum Break. Time warp. Basically freezing but this time without the ice.

  1. A char that unlocks special moves as the game goes like susanoo in blazeblue

  2. A puppet like carl clover. I believe a puppeter will be tough to incorporate in the ki mechanics

3)A zoning char that gathers pips and can conjure 12 different spells like nine in blazeblue

  1. An old grandpa kung fu master like gouken in sf4

  2. A shoto like jago but with some twist

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I’d like to see:

-Grounded combos: Like a wrestler character that can take the opponent to the ground, use autos as strikes or submissions, a connecting throw as a linker, etc. I think that’d be fun as hell.

-Catch counter throws: Like Paul, Nina, King, etc in Tekken. I know Hisako has parries, but I’m talking about an actual counter throw where catching the opponent’s high or low attack gives you a throw. I wouldn’t want it to take off a lot and both the timing and the location should make them more difficult, but I always enjoy pulling these off in Tekken and turning someone’s attack against them.

-Attach throws: Not really sure how to put this, but stuff like King’s hurracanranna where he leaps in to the air with his legs out. If you’re in range, he does the throw. If not, he falls to the ground.

-Multi-part throws: Another King from Tekken example, but other characters in other games have them like Tina and Bass in DOA. They’d have to be fast and we’re probably not looking at four consecutive throw moves, but throws that can be linked to other throws would be nice.

-Wise old sage / drunken master archetype! Definitely one of my favorites in just about every fighting game.

-Spiritual shaman / ethereal witch archetype.

-Tag team character archetype: Two characters on the screen at the same time and you essentially control them as one character, but they do moves together and could have combos that pass the opponent between them.

-Puppet archetype.

-Gorgon / Naga archetype.

-Ninja archetype: I know there are characters that partially fill the role, but I’d really like a gadget based ninja character that uses grappling hooks, smoke bombs, blow darts, throwing stars and other blade based weapons big and small. He could have shadowy assassin outfits as well as tattered robe, food basket, blend in type of disguise outfit.

-Suit or spy archetype: I’d like a more buttoned up ultratech agent that’s either an evil James Bond / agent Smith suit type or a sleek, female spy that could be Orchid’s rival.

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Someone who can use telekinesis.

I wrote under some of your stuff. I’d love a character that could turn into his opponent, ala shadow transformation, or have his own zoning OR rushdown moveset.

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I am so down for that idea.

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