What Kind of Aganos Merch Would You Like To See?

This is a thread dedicated to thinking up of ideas for stuff like Aganos shirts and what not. What would you guys like to see on a shirt? I’d like a shirt that has the 8 word lyrics of Polemos on it, or a render of Aganos with the peacekeeper and him having shades on and it saying something silly like, “Going clubbing tonight”.

Share your thoughts here!

I’d like to have some wrestling cameo merch with aganos. I mean look he’s “The Rock” and his ultra ever is “a flying elbow”. THAT’S GOLD.

I wish his mask was one of the accessory points so that way you could swap it out with a wrestling mask haha.

Also, as a side note, does anyone have a render of Aganos’ logo during character select in game? I know @FinchoMatic uses it as his avatar but I want to know if there’s a source for it or not

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I want a full sized Aganos themed mech warrior to drive to work.

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They need to make a life-sized Chunk statue. It’s just a giant boulder with a name plate reading “Aganos Chunk”

I’d wear this if it was made into a shirt


Green and Steel blue Tie Dye “Get Stoned” T shirts with Aganos’ face.

Sandy colored Peacemaker Hoodies with Aganos painted up like a hippie bus and holding up a peace sign :v:.

Picture this: A cyclopean wall in the background with a peacemaker club lying on the ground a little off to the left, a pile of rocks centered upon the wall, which is also upon the ground. His mask is centered upon the pile of rubble with a little flower growing off the pile to the right. His face(s) appear to be slightly tilted, as if it is gazing upon said flower, with a smiile and at peace.

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Rocky road ice cream with huge chunks of chocolate…

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A shirt of Aganos midflight doing his Ultra Finisher that says “Hold this Lbow”

Another shirt of his Win animation, specifically on the flower planting frame that says “Rest in Pieces”


Working on a design for a T-shirt of him in my free time actually. It’ll be based on one of the profile taunts for Aganos. I was thinking of using “A rock and a hard place” with Aganos using Ruin on Jago with a wall placed.

That’s cool too

I just want a very large Aganos figure from Ultimate Source. Scaled appropriately.

I’d be happy with a shirt that says “Swaganos” on it

I want a Bonzai with Aganos pedestal.

So, that’ll be 12 feet tall then? :stuck_out_tongue: