What just happened? (KI related)

So I’m not sure if it was a dream or a daydream or something else but some distinct vivid images came to my head regarding KI. Decided to post here though as it’s off topic to a degree but I’m sure the mods will move if needs be.

So here’s what I saw or dreamed whatever:

Sabre had a new move something like an ultimate, I remember there was blood and he howled after doing the move.

Two new stages:

One had water that came up to the characters knees, the other had a huge waterfall like Niagara Falls in the background.

That’s it I’m afraid just thought it was something weird to share





Not yet…unless it comes true ha

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Haha! Those are really vivid dreams though. They really do sound like it could be part of the game. Especially the Niagra Falls Background. Who knows?

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The stage with the water to the knees was like a cave of some sort? But it was like you were fighting at the entrance to it not inside. That move from Sabre was very vivid, but could have been a stage finish?

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Well, If it was a stage finish, there would probably be no blood. Just Explosions. Lol.

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