What is Your "Uuugh" Character in KI?

Now let me explain. An “Uuugh” character is a character that when you see their face pop up on the versus screen before an online match you just go “Uuugh, this character again.” This could also be called an “Oh ■■■■” Character.

My “Uuugh” characters consist of Spinal and Shago because of their confusing teleport mixups

Also depending on which character I’m playing I have separate “Ugh” characters.

As a Rash player: Gargos and Sadira… They just control my zip-lining space.

As a Hisako player: Other Hisakos … That mirror match isn’t fun

As a Eyedol player: Riptor and Sabrewulf… Everytime I play against these characters I start of in Warrior stance… Which isn’t too good when I’m trying to out range the rushdowns

As a Thunder player: … No one… I feel like no one knows how to deal with Thunder…

RIP Arbiter… he is no longer a pocket D:

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Joanna da… woops, spoilers.


Gargos, Hisako and Sadira

I think you spelled Eagle wrong right there.


Maya and Sadira

Hisako, Kan Ra …and probably most of the cast

Probably Omen lol


Hisako, Sadira and Spinal. But, my “Ugh” is more like a conformation that it’s gonna be a tough fight. Not so much that I dislike the characters.

Probably Glacius

Sadira / Fulgore.

Glacius, Fulgore and Mira. That RAAM life though.



Probably Shago and Gargos.

I feel like when those characters are on their game, I’m forced to work a lot harder, constantly have to try and get in on them, etc.

I enjoy the challenge, yet I sill can’t help but feel a little “damnit” moment with an eye roll as soon as I see them.

Rash, Shago, Maya.

Rash and Glacius

Eyedol, jago, and Hisako I hate that ■■■■■ so much.

Sadira, Wulf, and spinal.


The first thing they always do is sPam that tongue move and then the wrecking ball move then the spamming of the taunt.

It’s not a decent thing by the end of the match. Then I just delete them.


As a Spinal main: Sadira, TJ Combo and Maya.

Lol. I feel like you need to play a Rash player that doesn’t jam their finger pressing the taunt button so much. He’s really fun, I swear :joy: