What is with this new sudden backlash of SFV hate within the FGC?

I’m not talking about the initial backlash when the game launched.

Lately /R/kappa and many top or prominent players are throwing shade on SFV. People are complaining about the 8 frame input delay and, to my surprise, the actual game mechanics now.

I knew when it launched that SFV wasn’t my cup of tea, but I was excited to see where it was headed. Now a lot of people are all “doom and gloom” about it… and I don’t understand why.

I can’t speak to issues with the mechanics themselves, I guess that’s a matter of ‘cups of tea’.

Though the 8f input lag is a relatively new development, I guess it’s a valid gripe. It does make punishing stuff on reaction nigh-impossible where otherwise it should be - essentially forcing read-based play where one could be (and not knowing any better, are) reacting.

What I can speak to is how they’ve handled their PR post-launch. All the way leading up to SFV’s launch, Capcom was all about this new era of community interaction and involvement, getting out and speaking with players, hearing and responding to feedback, yadayadayada.
Upon their disastrous launch, all of that went out the window. Practically perfect radio silence. There was the debacle with Alex’s release, the still non-existent cash store, bugs abound with no fixes in sight, lack of whatever-gen stick support despite promises to the contrary pre-launch. Then there’s the unhappy casual crowd with the lack of single-player content. All in all, they’ve bungled it in nearly every way possible, and to protect themselves (I guess) they’ve completely recanted their new philosophy of community interaction.

Honestly, I think a lot of it is bandwagon hate. But they did objectively eff up in the PR department, in no small way.

EDIT: It looked like things were on the up-and-up with Guile and how his release was handled, but now we’re 8 days to the end of May and back to the Alex situation. No bueno.

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My guess is that people didn’t actually like the game from the start, but because it was street fighter and everyone else was playing it people just thought it’d grow on them. Now that everyone’s been playing it for a while and more negative stuff keeps popping up people are finally deciding to speak up and be more vocal with their complaints.


I recently started following this guy on youtube. I like his balanced view on FGs and he gives some good points in earlier videos, not just what I posted, on what is wrong with SFV (although not a hater).

This vid is more about Capcom then about the game itself.

Another factor is the recent change to Capcom Pro Tour rules.

It went over like a lead balloon.

Really odd of a company that makes models like R. Mika and Laura Matsuda to look down on teams on the basis of the “inappropriate” nature of their sponsor.


Tell me more about the 8f delay. I haven’t heard this before.

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This is what I pretty much thought. I’m still waiting to see Juri before I pick up the game and even that is iffy because the rest of the game is so unappealing. Maybe we should wait to see the Story Mode? Maybe that’s where all their attention went?

There’s 8 frames of native input delay on the game, offline.

In SF4 there was 5.

So we’re looking at an extra 0.05 seconds required to react to things by pressing a button.

I think a more legitimate gripe is how heavily skewed toward offense the game is. Defensive play is a pain in the arse. Also, anti-airs do so little damage and jump-in combos scale so little that it’s turning into “Jump Fighter 5”.

It’s part of why I’m playing Cammy recently - she can grab half of your lifebar from a crush-counter anti-air.

Everyone here hates KI and loves SF5. there is a SF and Smash tournament this Saturday Im going to go check out… Ill enter SF just for the hell of it.

SO is the delay to compensate for online delay?

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That seems unlikely - otherwise it would be uniform across all versions of the game.

It happens to every game, it’s just that SF is more popular so it’s more noticeable. You can even see it here for KI, people saying they hate how the game plays now and praising the old Season 1 stuff. The same happens with Halo, people love Reach now but hated it on release. People can’t accept change and they never will. When a new KI releases watch as people say this KI was better and other stuff.

Unfortunately for SF, the fighting game community has its own interests in mind and will kick it when its down even if they aren’t fans of that game. Some Xrd, Smash, MK and KI players in those threads bashing the game.

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