What is with all of the low effort posts over that past couple of months?

I mean Jesus Christ its aggravating. I rather hang out in /r/kappa than deal with all the low effort and benign complaints on here.

Kim Wu’s too asian!

Kim Wu’s not asian enough!

SJWs ruin everything!

This season is terrible and I can’t explain with words why I have this opinion!

You Killed [insert your favorite char here]!

PC gamers are at a disadvantage because we got the game late!

It is fine if you don’t like the game or something about the game. But come to the forums if you want to have an actual conversation with people. I don’t see the point in ranting about how salty you are?

I see new people say the absolute dumbest things on this site now. “Omen has the worst normals”… really dude!? All of his normals are shared by two of the best fundamental chars in the game (Jago and Wulf)!!


Lol I feel you bro!

Prior to S3 you could see the forums starting to become really negative with the controversial changes. So much so that flagging people for being indifferent became a thing, which was extremely disappointing coming from an awesome community like this.

Now in S3, you not only have a great deal of toxic members but a ton of new threads filled with insanely opinionated complaints. As much as I enjoy the forums I think a much needed break from the negativity is needed. That and I’m actually going through the enlistment process so I’m pretty busy.

Either way…

I think it’s an issue that will kinda solve itself as time goes on. While Season 3’s launch is in full swing, it’s going to be under a lot of attention. While this is good, it increases the potential for content that comes from groups that normally don’t show up here.
Give it a month or two. The launch issues should be fixed, the folks who don’t want to stay will go, and the only ones left will be the ones who care enough about the game and the community to try and stick around, whether to bring the hype or to provide constructive criticism.

In the mean time, I’ll be skimming through to see if there’s any threads talking about relevant information or where there’s actual discussion going on…when I’m not playing the balls out of KI, of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope you’re right, man. I’m assuming the issues will resolve themselves in time, but man is some of this stuff getting old.

These people probably join, make a 1-time post. Say what they need & never come back.

Oh Snap! I forgot. :sweat:

Good Luck dude! :slight_smile:

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While it may be annoying, remember that sometimes people originally come here to vent because they’re super pissed about some bad match they had, and while some of those people are trolls looking to bother people, others have become decent community members by engaging in actual discussion and/or playing with other people. Those people should be welcomed and integrated into the community!

If you use the flag system properly, the mod team can take care of the problem posts and members as necessary. Just take a little time to make sure what you’re flagging actually requires a flag, and isn’t an instinctual lashing out at an opinion which just doesn’t match your own.

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I dunno…

“Low effort comment”

Sorry, I had to. :3