What is up with the selfishness?

I’ve met at least two players this month that are more inclined on how I am kicking their ■■■■ rather than just fighting and fixing themselves? They’ll say something on the mic like “oh now he’s poking. He’s poking again! Same thing again, etc” what is up with the narcissistic attitude? This is the downside to competitive games :frowning:

Another day, a frustrating Sadira player actually took the time to lecture me on how to beat Sadira. Gave me some good tips. That’s the kind of players we need. Even though he made me rage with zoned boner on me, I calmed myself down to listen to his tips.

Love you,


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There are good eggs and there are bad eggs.

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Generally, if somebody sends me a hot message in regards to Sadira, I almost always respond with helpful advice. I’ve never felt it necessary to answer anger with anger. It never resolves anything.

As for sending salt over the mic/sms… If I have a person who cheats to win, I will always call them out on it.

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Yeah, salty behavior is one of the main reasons why I haven’t played anyone online since season one. I had enough people rage on me for zoning with Glacius that it didn’t seem worth it anymore.

Well, that and I can’t seem to figure out how to get my headset to work anymore :slight_smile: .

But yeah, people that act like poking or zoning or anything else along those lines is “cheap” or “cheating” or whatever don’t seem to realize that they’re playing a competitive game.

Don’t get me wrong, I HATE it when I get zoned out by a good zoner or I get absolutely wrecked for making the slightest mistake. I’ve played people that absolutely blow me up to the point where it doesn’t even feel like we’re playing the same game lol. It can be discouraging, it can be frustrating, and it can make me feel like I’m not having fun sometimes.

But there are people that learn from their mistakes, try to improve, adjust, watch videos and streams to learn new tech (and find enjoyment in that), or at the very least look inward even in spite of the frustration that one can feel from a tough loss, and then there are those that look outward.

The game must be broken, the character must be broken, that move they keep doing must be OP since I can’t do “anything” about it, the opponent isn’t fighting fair or they’re not playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played or any other number of excuses that place the blame for their inability to beat someone or create disincentive for the opponent to use certain strategies on every external force possible.

It’s almost as if they want to say “ugh, would you just let me do my moves on you??” like it’s your fault for trying to beat them at the game and play how you want to play as opposed to how they want you to play, because their way of having fun with the game should be everyone’s way of having fun with it.

My buddy and I have been playing a little Injustice 2 lately and he now despises it every time I choose Deadshot because he simply can’t get in on me. He tries to jump in, he tries to use special moves, he tries to walk in… He doesn’t seem to understand why I keep trying to get away from him, like I’m a coward for not standing and fighting.

I try to explain zoning to him and why certain characters are better with that strategy and how the game balances that, and while I think he gets it, he still thinks it’s “cheap.”

There will always be people that think the game should be played a certain way and that’s fine. We all have our preferences. I hate teabaggers, but some view it as a legit strategy and some simply think it’s funny. I don’t think they’re cheap or wrong for trying to use the strategy of getting under my skin. It just doesn’t feel fun for me to play against someone that’s actively trying to make me angry by being disrespectful when I’m trying to have fun.

That’s me though, and I recognize that. They have every right to play the way they want to play, even if it makes me want to play them less. Some take it as a challenge and they want to stuff that disrespect right back in their faces, but for me, it just makes me want to play an opponent that doesn’t try to make me angry by being a jerk.

TL/DR: We each have our preferences on how we play and some are a bit more evolved than others. Some try to get better, while some blame everything but themselves. Don’t worry about these people that don’t enjoy playing against you. Find people that do. You’ll likely both be better off for it.

Just another aspect of online multiplayer. People are immature and don’t want to learn. I played a little yesterday after some school work, since I was tired I didn’t really try. Just wanted to have fun and mess with Eagle. Ended up with 5 teabaggers and one rage message. Just another day in ranked. I even try to help the Cinder who lost to me after a comeback. He was complaining about Eagle unbreakable combos (which only have like 9 damage, less. then a regular shadow opener) and how I was a scrub. I then proceeded to tell him ggs and tried give him advice on to burn my arms so that he can have an advantage. He just dismissed my points and called me a scrub. So much for a learning experience.

As I said, people don’t like to learn and would rather have immediate satisfaction. They show off their “skills” when they win with teabags and everything but when they lose, it’s “lag or cheap stuff” that tarnished their victory. It’s just flaws that you see in people and frankly, there’s nothing you can do.

I remember playing against my friends DBZ (I’ve only played the game from Beta) and yet I still beat them. Why? Because I had fundamental FG knowledge. Luckily they weren’t great players or I would have been destroyed. But they continued to annoy me calling me a “block spammer”. What was I supposed to just let you hit me! The responded with dumb things like “they don’t block in Dragon Ball” or “Only scrubs block and can’t do offense”.

People just don’t understand and they don’t want to learn. It makes them selfish and angry and egotistical. Not a good thing to have when playing a game

/end rant

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People also abuse others in online games to blow off steam they can’t blow off irl. You can’t tbag your annoying boss or insult your nagging wife with no consequences. But online people you can.


Honestly thats online games in general. There has been a surge of that kind of toxicity blowing up in alot of games. I find its more a rarity to find good sportsman like attitudes than there are salty players. Its easier for people to complain and point the finger at anyone but themselves than it is to learn and adapt.

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I really wouldn’t call it a surge, as it’s been happening for decades now. I remember years ago when I played TF2, even in the most casual of servers I saw people going insane if a sniper or spy killed them a certain amount of times, then of course there were many cases of veteran players getting furious if the soldiers or medics on their team didn’t play on a professional level like they wanted them to (and that’s not counting the ones who bully low-level players for not being “good” like them). I know it’s not really a fair comparison to a fighting game like KI, but the idea of people going crazy over every little thing or accusing their opponents of cheating out of rage is basically universal.

Personally I see this as a resurgence if anything, because there are points in history where communities are actually more mellowed out over time, but then some big event or new game comes out that effectively restarts the vicious cycle. Honestly I’m not surprised that so many people only play with friends because of it, it can be too easy to have bad experiences playing with randoms because of some people enraging over every little thing. To this day I still think my experiences on Xbox Live were lucky, as I saw very ragers/elitists in the time I spent, but even those few incidents still managed to remind me of the bad times in my PC days.