What is Season 3's Motto?

After the new characters, balance changes, and system changes, it’s clear season 3 will take KI gameplay to a whole new level. But what do you think the general “feel” of Season 3 will be?

Explain it in a motto!

Season two would probably be:
"Welcome to Season2! Where no position on the screen is safe from a full combo!"
And the best quote for Season 2 would be:

My guess for Season 3’s Motto:
"Welcome to KI Season3! Its like regular KI, but in the air!"
And the Quote of season 3 is: (OBVIOUSLY)
(voices of Keits, Stephen, and Issac:) “…Because you can juggle after it”

Whats your mottoes and quotes?


I absolutely loved that they did that on stream. :slight_smile:

S3 motto: “Now with more bounce!” or “We’re bouncier!”

I Like that!
And i know what you are trying to say. Its like those commercials about elastic materials, but the quotes they make dont really fit with characters lol.

How about “Now with 50% more stage elasticity!” ???

“We have trampolines!”


Loopable thrusting.


I liked the crowd. When they are all like:



“Wanna play some basketball?”

…get dunked.


The juggle thing was funny on the stream, for sure, but its just an option some characters have, it isn’t the focus of the game at all.

If anything, the motto for S3 should be, as we said at the start of the presentation,

“Player creativity.”


Keits, if you mind me asking, what was the design reason for increased Juggle opportunities? Was it only for more player creativity, or more of a S3 Change?

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Because by the end of S2, they felt like an artificial restriction left over from S1’s inability to break juggles.

The game is built to encourage players to build their own combos and setups already, so we are simply extending the promise of meaningful creativity to another part of the game.


I love how the crowd at the tournament was chanting out AND ANOTHER ONE… AND ANOTHER ONE, AND ANOTHER ONE…

funny stuff XD

Thank you! Good insight to juggles. And creativity is a core mechanic of KI. I’m glad! I just wanted a dev standpoint behind the reason. I’m interested in majoring in Game Design (Still Deciding), so any feedback on the decisions you guys make is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thats ok, but I have a question about Kim Wu…


#Canyouthrowhim? best motto ever

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Season 3 Motto: We buffed Kan-ra.
It’s technically true.


Cant wait to see the next badazzz female fighter!!!

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But the biggest question of them all…

Can she Juggle? ™

(I made this joke, calling it now!)

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Season 3: Sorry we’re not talking about that.
“Stay tuned!”


Everyone can juggle
You better learn faster
Everyone is hyped.
Don’t be sad
Overcome your limits
Loses will let you rise.
We will rockthis world
Indestrucible we are.
Level up to the max
Lay down the beat down
Never sirrender a fight
Over the tops we are.
Together the team of me and my character will win.
Magic is what you will do.
Achieve your goals.
Kick them back to 1994.
Everything will be ours.
In the never ending battle we will rise
Tonight we shall win.
I will not fall.
Never give up.
Show them your best.
3 matches is all you need.

That is the S3 motto.

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Where did you get that one from?

Season 3: “Big budget fighting game titles from the competition, sweating bullets!”