What is Happening With This game?

I think I’ve about had it.

I don’t know what the behind the scenes stuff looks like for KI anymore but is there anyone helping @KRAKENJIMMY fix this game? Is there really only 1 person working on KI? I see him constantly busting his butt on these forums, twitter and in stream chats trying his best to make things right with all of the issues going on but I’ve seen nothing from anyone else other than IG telling us they don’t work on the game anymore.

For two months now some players have been unable to find matches in ranked, connect with others via lobby or exhibition/cross-play and more recently characters are missing and games are constantly crashing. Just today (6/8/2018) Yami had to cancel his tournament because of said issues.

Has all funding just been completely cut off from this game that no additional resources or time can be put into fixing arising problems and keeping maintenance? Dedicated players who are still passionate about Killer Instinct and are still traveling out to events, trying to run online events and keep interest seem to be getting the short end of the stick. People aren’t even able to practice for said events like Combo Breaker and CEO because of these recurring problems. E3 is this weekend meaning even less attention is going to be on our game.

What does Microsoft want us to do? Even when and if these problems eventually get solved, it’s going to leave a lot of sour tastes in peoples mouths and they won’t want to keep coming back anymore.

Is there a new KI in the pipeline…is this the end? Please just tell us something, that’s all we want and at this point I think we deserve to know. lcdCry-28px


Blame Microsoft. If the blame is truly on anyone I would say Microsoft. When IG monitored the game, all seemed well and the complaints only stemmed from bugs and the balance of the game, otherwise it remained fairly accessible to everyone. Since they have move on (rightly so), it seems like the holders of the IP, i.e. Microsoft, have left the game in the gutter.

I’m only speculating here since I do not truly know how the game operates behind the scenes in terms of networking, but it seems relatively common in terms of quality assurance from Microsoft and their IPs.

KI will always be my favorite fighting game, but the constant issues with crashing during ranked match searches, low number of people to connect too, and constant network issues are heartbreaking. Hell, the only reason I jumped on the forums was to see if anyone was experience disconnections and connection issues…

I truly wish Xbox properties were managed better, assuming the worst that is.


I feel your frustration but it hasnt been 2 months…and it doesnt effect everyone. Things happen… they are working on it. Everyone complaining is statrting to sound a little bit spoiled. Its not the end of the world.

Well according to the thread about these ongoing issues they first started being reported sometime in April so that’s at least 2 months indeed this has been going on.

I will admit that things happen yes and as I pointed out James is working hard to resolve the problems however I’m more so trying to figure out why they keep happening. There shouldn’t just be 1 person working on the games back end. No one is acting spoiled, I’m just trying to understand what is going on.

In the 4 and half years this game has been going there has never been a 2 month period where people couldn’t play online…even if it’s only affecting certain people, it’s still happening. I personally have been affected by these issues for some time now it’s not like I’m just making it up.

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I get it man… but lets ease down on the strong negativity. It feeds those trolls that want to see KI die. Dont give them more ammunition than they already desire.
BUt I agree James cant do this alone…but he isnt alone. He has stated several times on here and to me personally that he does have a team. Every thing you guys post that help him figure things out is sent directly to his team he has working on the issues.
And he has stated that he bleives it isnt KI thats the issue…KI hasnt changed… its the service or whatever that they beleive is the cause.

Have you tired playing on console or you striclty playing on PC like one of your latest Vlogs stated?

He isn’t being negative imo. Theres good reason to be reasonably frustrated at this point. Between long-time fans, people practicing for tournaments but are unable to, and even new people who bought the game during the sale( we had a few Come to the discord asking if there was something about the issues). It’s just annoying not being able to play. We know James and his team are probably working on it as I type this. But it just makes it seem like ms as a whole doesnt put it as much of a priority. Which is a shame since ki is one of their most successful titles (critically).


I understand where you’re coming from, but the game shouldn’t be non-functional at this point. The last time I logged on was the first time in history I couldn’t find a match on KI. The best thing about the game is it’s excellent online experience. And there’s a reason it was the last time I logged on…

I don’t know what percentage of people are affected, but when the guy hosting the KI World Cup can’t login and start a lobby that’s bad. Really bad. These aren’t demands for new features or patches etc. People just want the game to work. I can’t blame them for being upset. It’s not spoiled or entitled to expect to buy a game and have it work.


I bought the definitive version yesterday on sale. Haven’t tried fighting online, but I can confirm shin hisako is greyed out. You can select her but it takes you to the marketplace which says she’s installed.

OK I tried just now and shin hisako is selectable!

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I mean there’s bugs but they aren’t exactly widespread and IG moved on from this game months ago. It’s a shame that it’s affectting tournaments but as far as MS is concerned KI is over and done…if there’s a few random bugs here and there best we can hope for is a patch every couple months if enough people complain.

Frankly I’d rather MS focus on a KI sequel than spend any time or resources trying to fix every last glitch in this 5 year old game.

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Ok now back to Shin hisako being greyed out. Oh well I did get to use her today. Weird glitch for sure.

My biggest fear is that KI is going to get the Master Chief Collection treatment where Microsoft just embarrassingly abandons it and leaves it broken after a point. This kind of egregious negligence is unacceptable, especially for a company as big as them.

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Well to be fair the Master Chief collection is confirmed to be getting a massive overhaul soon with server improvements, X1X 4K support and even rumors of it coming to PC as well.

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James is a sweetheart for doing his best in these tough circumstances, but what’s happening right now is pretty unacceptable. It’s one thing if it was just a few days or a week, but it’s going on months now and the fanbase trying to keep supporting the game are the only ones feeling the hurt.

I’m shocked (well, not that shocked I suppose :frowning_face:) that MS hasn’t devoted a bunch of emergency resources to fixing the problem. If James was the emergency resource, then it’s clear that he needs some help from more people.

It’s even extra brutal because, with DBFZ and BBTag seeing some play right now, some people are upset by the netcode in those games and have asked others for “examples of games with good netcode to try.” We really want to point them proudly to KI, but if they buy the game and can’t play it, that is not a good look.

I’m somewhat hopeful that, at the end of this, with KI getting a little bit of patch support, we will be able to see the Rash double / combo breaker advantage issues addressed, and Steam ranked cross-play turned on. It would be a great kick in the pants for the game after this pretty punishing first half of 2018.


This is very bad, and I’m starting to blame those complainers about Shinsako being greyed out. Don’t know if everything went to hell when trying to fix that for these players who just want some little points for “survival gamerscore”.Geez,so mad! The game is unplayable for me and sadly can’t recommend ir for it’s netcode. I used to brag about finding matches very quickly against KI haters . And that I could play some matches decently with guys from North America,which is amazing. Unfortunately now I’m just playing Fortnite from time to time -_-

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“Hugs” @MaruMDQ

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Yeah but it will have took them over three and a half years to finally get to implementing a proper fix, at this point. A key XB1 title that millions of people bought just left to rot for years by MS. It’s still pretty abysmal, and sadly somewhat indicative of MS’s typical conduct with its exclusives.

This would REALLY be great for the KI community! Although I just had a great time playing KI on steam via exhibition. It would be nice to rank up to Killer. But Ranked takes way too long to find matches so most steam players simply play exhibition.


I play this game daily to help my eye hand coordination skills since being diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease. I don’t want to see it die. But at the rate the bugs keep coming someone is trying to kill it. And as a gamer, and more importantly a paying customer, I think I have the right to voice my frustration at Microsoft.

And why are you making this statement to me? You think I dont play KI daily and want it to work?
Again its not the end of the world… they will fix it when they fix it. THere is nothing you can do about it and constantly voiceing your frustration doesnt change anything.