What is a "proper" story mode?

In my opinion a “proper” story mode is anything on the lines of what mk does or even what season 2 did, I think we just need something that makes us give crap about why these people and creature’s are fighting one another. I personally love mks story and I had replayed that so many times. some people might think since it never changes then why play over…cause its fun and even with what they are doing with shadow lords the ending will always bee the same you will just be doing the fights with different characters. So I feel what mk and what sfv did are the best ways to make a story mode.

A proper story mode is not so simple: A coherent story, with gorgeous visuals at every stage, in depth character breakdowns, interactions, and an engaging plot with proper cinematic direction ,and proper ending thought out by writers who were passionate about the story and respect the legacy of the universe. Ultimately, a proper story mode requires time, a stellar voice acting cast, true direction/proper vision, and money. Lots of money.

What we have had in the past (and with Shadow Lords) is 3 incoherent versions of a story that don’t really fit well together, leaving you guessing which ending is legitimate and which is just thrown in without much thought.

It appeals a lot to casual fans and those die hard fans who want to see characters evolve their personas and have actual reasons for fighting other than “Ultra Combo” and move on to the next opponent.

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I would call a proper story mode, one that tells the story well.
For example I think the SFV story mode is a great example, it has short low budget character specific story segments, and 1 big campaign that displays the crucial events of the story.

but for a game with KI’s budget I prefer a story mode that is pretty much the same no matter what character you play as and just has a few character specific events. a lot of PS2 era 3D fighters were doing that; it’s not too different from an arcade mode really.

I for one am hopeful for shadow lords mode and hope it has some story dialogue and cut-scenes we haven’t seen yet; (at the very least a FMV of Gargos falling off something and exploding in the traditional KI boss manner).


Cutscenes with original animations comes to mind…