What is a Casual and a Harcore KI player?

Hi guys,

I would like to know what you consider a “Casual” KI player versus a “Hardcore” player.

I consider myself a casual player, because I do enjoy playing the game and getting better, but I don’t have the time, nor energy, nor skill to make it to Killer or even Gold.

That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying participating on the KI community, is just that I don’t have the requirements to become a super awesome player. But I do LOVE this game, and I enjoy playing online on ranked matches even if I get my ■■■ kicked.

So what kind of person would you consider a casual or a hardcore player?
Should we focus this game to more skilled players only?


I dislike making the distinction of what a “casual” or “hardcore” player is. Everyone should just play the game they feel fit to and move at the pace they feel comfortable.


I classify players on if they’re tournament level or not for example I’m killer and have played since season 1 and consider myself a decent player but I am no where near tournament level.

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Personally I think there are scales of casual and hardcore, not a single line which defines it.

I never use practice mode; just get too bored trying things against a computer. In that regard I am a casual.
I have only been directly involved with the FGC for a couple of years and do not have a large amount of fighting game experience, and NO tournament experience, which I would consider makes me a casual.

I am (clearly) heavily involved with the KI community in my interactions here, and I often watch streams, even if the streamer is sitting alone; I believe this makes me a hardcore fan.
I play the game almost daily, and typically for a few hours at least per session. I believe this makes me a hardcore fan.
My skill level with KI is at least worthy of being called “intermediate,” and though there are TONS of people above my skill level I believe this makes me a hardcore fan.

Don’t get too tied up in the labels, is what I’m getting at.


That is hard to say.

I play A LOT of KI, have a collection of KI merchandise, have been playing since the original arcade release and love Eyedol so much that I’m watching his trailer again for the 100th time as I type this because I’m so hyped. I suck at ranked, I can’t manual if my life depended on it but does my skill make me any less hardcore?

Or are the guys who don’t care about the game, only go to events for the paycheck and move on to the next big thing that is released the “hardcore” ones just because they’re more skilled?


I personally think that the main goal of any game is to have fun playing it, but everyone has a different aproach on what makes them have fun at the game.

In my personal experiencie, I enjoy playing FG even if my skill lvl es very low, because I love learning new characters and their gameplay mechanics

Well there are different kinds of Casual and Hardcore. There’s casuals and hardcore when it comes to competetive play. There’s casuals and hardcores when it comes to just being fans. There’s casual and hardcores when it comes to being active members in the community. And within all of those there are different levels of casual and hardcore. Basically the terms are too broad to just be used in an overall sense. Also neither is a bad thing. Some people get pissed when they get called a casual when there is no ill meaning behind it.

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Really no such thing as a “casual” fighting game player…We all play to win. Some are better than others. Teabaggers chase off “casual” players. Casual players don’t exist for long. Unfortunately.

There is no such thing. A KI player is a KI player.


Well… I play to learn… Because knowledge is half the battle. Not really sure why it always has to be about winning.

But I do see where you are coming from.

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I consider myself casually-competitive lol

Here’s what I would say…

A casual player is one that is strictly playing for fun. For the most part they would likely never go beyond the surface-level flash & wow of the game, would likely try out several modes, play for awhile, possibly play some exhibition matches against his/her friends, maybe try ranked & decide it’s not for them. But when it comes to longevity, they move on to the next game and don’t really bother with KI other than every now again when they’re bored.

A hardcore player would be one that wants to climb the ladder, master their mains, compete with others, spend their free time posting on KI forums, hanging on every new scrap of gameplay, every rumor of new content, every whisper of rebalance, actively petitioning the devs to readjust the game based on their personal preferences. They put hours, even days of their life into the game in an attempt to own it, so to speak.

Honestly I’d say we’ve all traveled so far down the Hardcore hole we really don’t know what a casual player really truly looks like, so we’re all trying to organize all of the lesser hardcore players as casuals and all of the high-end pro/ tournament players as the “real” hardcore players.

Plot Twist:

We are all hardcore players. Lol


I was meaning all of us here on the forums. :wink:

You are hardcore if you play with every second dedicated to improving.

There are too many layers of “casual” to count.

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I’m starting to think that I’m a hardcore player even if I like it or not XD,

Cause I’ve dedicated hours to be dangerous with good old TJ Combo

Focus this game to more skilled players only? Absolutely not.

Casual v. Hardcore is just about motivation and intended time commitment. Mostly the motivation part.

Casual means a few sitdowns a week to pass some time. Hardcore means almost every day to master the game.

Both casual and hardcore players can be core members of the community. Community membership is a completely distinct typology :slight_smile:

I would say a hardcore is more invested in the lore and competitive scene and wishes to improve. A casual would be someone just “browsing” through the game so to speak.

Personally, I consider myself casual because I have no interest in playing any game at a professional level or even playing ranked, but I still consistently invest hours into the game every week. I use all characters decently, but am not really a master of any. I enjoy playing the game with my friends or online exhibition, but never go to the extent of studying frame data, frame traps, hitboxes etc.

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