What if the was a char that had no special moves, but dozens of unique normals?

Standing HP: Projectile

Back + HP, HK: Overhead to Sweep Rekka

Back + HP, HP: Overhead to Launcher Rekka

(While in the Air) Down + MK: Dive Kick

(While in the Air) UP + HP: Immediately return to where you jumped from (You could call it “Flash Back”)


But those are still technically special moves, they just have super simple inputs.


Some hinting that @TempusChaoti did on the old forums alluded to the possibility of a simplified control system in the works that’d let every character become something like this.

A character without special moves is a character that can’t use the combo system. :wink:

Riptor can AD with his HP. I don’t see why my concept char can’t.

Then you would be playing Virtua fighter…

That’s hyperbole, but most of the 3D fighters (VF, Tekken, DoA) rely on a huge number of normal moves and combos and much less on special moves. I’m sure someone will argue with me about specials, but I think it’s fair to say LESS emphasis on specials.

This is neither good nor bad, it just shows that it can be done. Is it a good idea? Tough to say. I think it would be a bit tough in the KI formula but it’s certainly possible.

These are called Command Inputs. They allow “normals” to be stacked because they require a second input to execute, but they maintain their rather non-special properties. Though Command Overheads are somewhat special :), usually, no chip damage.

I like to think of Riptor as the character that most embodies your thought at the moment.
Between Predator, Primal and Survival Runs, she is the Queen of Command Inputs.

I have offered the idea on the old forums of a character that uses quick “neutral stick” attacks with elaborate and stronger directional Command Inputs.
I think a character that has harnessed the storms and wind would have such control.

I don’t know if I’d want to see this character have a projectile that’s so easy to pull off. I can already see people spamming the ever living daylights out of something like that.

But if they had a sort of “virtua fighter-esque” character? I could see something like that working if they were able to sort out which command moves were openers, linkers, enders, etc, which shouldn’t be too difficult. It might be a bit confusing for a new player coming in, but it’s not like there aren’t any other characters that break rules a little.

I’d be curious to see how a character like this would play, what type of moves they’d have, and how that’d be a reflection on who the character was (ie their background, their story etc). But yeah, something like that could be pretty cool if done right.

I can already hear the mashing from here…