What if taunts gave you meter?

Taunt would not be cancellable, taunter would be heavily vulnerable for punishment.

Yeah, sure, let me just use my solid 10 second Rash taunt (for the small amount I actually tend to use it on a regular basis…) and be able to do nothing for the entirety because it makes the opponent “upset”.

It would be too good for some characters since they can do mid-combo taunts. KI4Life would abuse this like crazy lol

Taunts that give you perks?

If its like 3rd Strike where each character gets a small perk then i will be all for that

I recommended something like this back during the season 2 forums and well, everyone shut me down. :disappointed:

I know this thread has been necroed a bit, but how about this as a twist to the OP’s suggestion that would make it beneficial but not something game-breaking…what if performing a taunt helped you recover some slight potential damage, or perhaps it might speed up PD recovery by like 10%? That way it wouldn’t give you a game-breaking buff, but it would give you a viable reason to taunt other than to make your opponent salty.

But then Taunt Cancelling would be broken, and like I’ve said if they’re gonna remove Taunt Cancelling then you basically can never taunt as Rash which would suck. Very much.

Not if PD only recovers faster while your taunting. That way it could be cancelled at any time, but while a taunt is active you would still get a slight PD recovery boost.

Taunting should give a slight % of Instinct to enemy due to pissing him off.

Taunting never has p*ssed me off…

Add “exp bonus” to it. You taunt, you gain more exp.

In this case, the taunter gain something with the taunt, the game still balanced. If you’re already full level, well, I’m sorry.
Why not? :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not know you have instinct meter irl.

Yeah, It activates “Dad voice”… lowers the opponent’s attack & defense as well as drains their shadow and instinct meters completely. It basically makes them do whatever you want them to do.