What if taunts gave you meter?

If taunts were to give you meter, would people still get mad at people who did it?

This is coming from the perspective that Taunts and tea-bags are “bad”.

I mean, in KI 1 and 2 Sabrewulf’s howl actually did something. In KI1 Wulf gained a shadow pip to his life bar, and in KI2 he actually generated meter (of course it was different back then as his howl was an actual move, not a literal taunt). So if taunts actually served a purpose other than to just disrespect you opponent, or celebrate personal victories, would people be more forgiving of them?

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But Rash already has good meter gain…

Real talk. Teabags are arguably unsportsmanlike but taunts shouldn’t cause anyone issue. That being said, it’s a cool idea. But then you could gain meter inbetween rounds and build meter on hard knockdown in addition to your normal knockdown move/combo amongst other things we may not foresee. It seems to add something in that benefits you for no risk which doesn’t really jive with FG mentality.

I realize that this may be a balance issue, which is why I posed it as a ‘what if’ rather than an actual suggestion.

What do you mean?

Taunts should increase opponents Instinct, due to pissing him off.



Yeah it would be a cool risk reward mechanic. You would only gain the meter if the animations ended not if it was canceled. While cool it would suck for characters who don’t have teleports or full screen fireballs. I can see a spinal or fullgore easily abuse this. Just teleport a way and taunt. For a character like tusk who has to chase in order to punish it would suck. Even then Fullgore could do his full screen eye beam and get an immediate bar and continue doing this while teleporting away. Not to mention getting meter for Fullgore means he becomes faster so it would only get harder to win against him.

Don’t some taunts in SF Third Strike give you certain perks? Not to derail the topic too much.

IDK. Never really played SF3 that much. That being said (that this is where this thread came from), you can generate meter in Guilty Gear by certain taunt-like moves iirc.

In my defense, the first part was a joke. :wink:

And I totally understand hashing out fun ideas. It would give a tangible reason for them. But it’s an action that unless carefully balanced, like the idea of only full taunts grant meter, is no risk and all reward. I think most fighting games are built on the idea of risk vs reward, with most things that are low risk not giving great rewards and vice versa. Now, this isn’t true in all examples but I think you probably get my idea.

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I’m not sure how abusable it would be with those characters if the animation had to be completed. I mean Fulgore can TP to the other side of the screen, but Spinal would never be to far away, and both of them are pretty punishable given the opportunity. Fulgore unparticular I think it wouldn’t affect seeing as just the action of TP-ing would slow his reactor gauge.

Also, what if the animation was only cancelable in the first few frames or so. So if you allowed the animation to run, you were stuck. IMO that would be a fair risk/reward scenario.

I think taunts are already kinda weaponized to a point. After all, since they get so many people salty, it’s a double edged sword that can egg someone into doing more aggressive things or “playing harder” to try to win, which could benefit either party situationally.
Though I can see it giving certain characters a boost. Maybe it’s just the timing of it, but Cinder usually ends up Fired Up by the end of his taunt. I figured since he’s got that cocky attitude, it would make sense for him to get a power up from taunting; the more angry he makes his opponent, the more fun he has and the more momentum he builds. :stuck_out_tongue:
As a serious mechanic it could be a slippery slope, but there could be more unique boosts from taunts per character. Refilled wrath meter, a free feral cancel, a boost in spin speed, etc. Maybe if there were an Omega mode, but probably not main game. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I remember right, Dudley has a taunt that can actually kill you. His rose deals a really minor amount of damage but it’s damage nonetheless.

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I like this! Maybe no meter, but other perks. I guess if you do that though, it would be more like a special move akin to Thunders power-up, a true game mechanic, rather than just a taunt.

To be clear, I’m not thinking you’d build a half a bar or anything, just a negligible amount. Enough so that if you are hella close to having a bar that you’d be able to push it over the edge. (20 full taunts to build a bar or something)

Lol! At first in my head I was imagining like in some DBZ games, a system where you could hold it down, the character summons a sort of ‘Shadow Aura’ around them, and they power up. I mean, that would obviously be broken in KI, but I just like the mental image of these characters powering up.

Omen would be OP.

He could throw out fireballs and taunt all day, which would create and endless cycle of fireballs, especially in instinct.


I like the idea of taunts giving the opponent instinct. It would be a fun risk and reward.

I also think after winning blow, winner should be unable to crouch. It may sound silly but rage inducing factor would diminish greatly.

I 200% agree.

Sounds horrible to me, and I really don’t want taunts to have any gameplay ramifications at all.

In several SF games, taunt would in fact give your opponent meter, it works as a mechanic, as it pisses the opponenet, it adds to their “rage gauge”. Many people thought using Dan was a matter of skill as he was weak, had bad specials, and could taunt endlessly, literally filling up the opponent’s gauge. He even had a super taunt, lol.

Maybe taunts giving meter could be implemented in ki, but only for completed taunts.

Getting an Art of Fighting vibe from this. I’d be interested in the idea though, mostly because I taunt just as a goof, and having an actual mechanic around it kinda gives it more purpose other than to PO the other player.

Now that, I can get behind.

To the OP.
The original idea, as interesting as it might seem at first glance is flaws in one important respect imho:

  1. opponent taunts.
  2. You get mad because you are getting taunted.
  3. Your opponent realises you’re getting mad.
  4. They continue to taunt.
  5. They realise they’re getting meter.
  6. Instead of doing anything productive, they’ll just taunt until they have enough shadow moves to just either zone you to death or projectile invulnerably rush you.
  7. Cycle is broken but repeats.

I appreciate your willingness to suggest it though.

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