What if Scorpion from MK was the final character?


And well, seems like there won’t be, as this is the definitive version.

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I’m neutral on this…


What if m.bison was the final character?


If there is one that is our EYEDOL.

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There is only one more character left. We will talk about new KI characters after 3 maybe years. I was thinking that we were having eagle now and eyedol later. But…

im pretty sure this is true

mk kombat pack 3 will have eyedol hahaha… truf

id love if scorpion was the final character

just because I love MK characters but hate NRS gameplay, i’ve been wanting MK characters to be done in KI style gameplay for a long time

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i would think that smash bros. is coming!
no seriously, the crossover is the crossover, now please keep define (and revive) ki identity, we need to know who we are before get crossed with someone else, right?
we need the original boss became now the final one, badly made times ago and keeping searching his revenge through a new awesome design, that maintains what he is but improves it too. and the ultratech story, the endless war against gargos, the second shadw lord, another mythological creature,… who, that has never been mentioned till now in this reboot, would be better than him to make his sudden appearance, and be a boss (so a perfect final char for the season and for the game too, if this would be the last season), without forcing the plot? definitely, nobody.

i would change him only with a brain floating in the air, my favorite concept ever for a fighing game’s char.

I really think it’s possible. In fact, I’m going to bet that the last S3 character is an MK character.

Here’s why I think that way:

The article he linked was titled ‘Ed Boon open to Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat crossover’

and in the article itself, it shows Ed’s tweet:

The winky face and his little comment about himself totally gives me a vibe that he knows some sort of crossover is happening. I can’t wait to see who the last character is. Hopefully it’s a good one!