What if Scorpion from MK was the final character?

What would be your reaction if that were true ?

You’re mean. You shouldn’t have misleading thread titles.
With that said, I would be disappointed, as it would mean that KI would be caving to the likes of MK, which they don’t need to be doing - they’re still trying to build a brand for themselves after all.

Hah! Good one. XD
Still, reported for being an arse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If that were the case, I would be VERY excited. I think a popular MK character would be a great addition to KI, personally.

Spamming Teleport Punch for the win.

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I think that would be horrible, no major competitors characters as guest until KI put in atleast 2 more editions

I would love to see a great many characters in KI. Seeing game characters come to life like this is really cool. However Scorpion wouldn’t be too close to the top. Maybe if NRS added a KI character to Injustice or something.

As a longtime fan of MK, i`ve had enough of him. Besides, WB is filth.

I would be very disappointed

I love Scorpion, he was the first character I used back when I played MK back on the sega but at this point ill probably be disappointed if the final character isn’t Eyedol no matter who it is. Not mad or angry though, just a bit disappointed.

Though I would take him over any other guests or Shadow Orchid.

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I LOVE the idea!! =D

No. Not yet. Not now. Please no.
Wait for next season if we have to have more guests.

I would not mind Scorpion, but I dont know if you are aware, but WB decided to not support PC port of MKX with new netcode and Kombat Pack 2, which consoles got. WB is burned for me at least, I dont want to have anything related to them.

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If that happens, I think I might throw-up a little bit.

Honestly, the game already have enough guest characters. Next all we need is Eyedol, but if scirpion was the final character i would be very disappointed and would enjoy him at the same time. So with that being said, im sure we will see a Season 4 because there is no way this is the last season.


my reaction… GET OVER HERE!

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Well his teleport punch would be pretty badI reckon then. Either super negative on bloc or just crouch to avoid it. His spear would probably be like rash’s tongue except the recovery for missing on would be massive and it would be very - on block to begin with.

I’d be even more sick of guests hogging up a legit character slot with some longevity.

I’d be happy with that. Would like to see IG’s rendition of him in KI’s fighting mechanics.

Would also definitely add to the rumor of KI vs MK, which I would be hardcore behind as a fan of both franchises!

Haha… NO THANK YOU. I’d rather choose Eyedol than another guest or shadow character…

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