What if KI gets ported to Nintendo NX?

I was just speculating because of how Phil Spencer liked working with Nintendo on Minecraft exclusive content. I honestly think that’ll be great for the franchise IMO

Unfortunately, that would never happen.

I think KI is an extremely different case than Minecraft.

Even just from a fantasy perspective, it’s tough to know if this is a good idea without knowing what the heck the NX is going to be…


well reggie in microsolf did talk about makeing a new pefect daka game in haveing it be on xbox in wii but idadq pulled the pulg on it

Jago: Mario
Riptor: yoshi
Tusk: Link
Kim wu: peach
Saburwulf: Fox
Gargos: Ganondorf and bowser
Tj combo: Sandman
Maya: Zss
Omen: Nightmare and Vatti and Mr. Game and watch
Sadira: sheik
Shago: Captian falcon
Thunder: Pikachu

This would be awesome


KI Gold for N64… Assuming virtual console will still be a thing.

Generally Handheld games(3ds), and N64/Snes/nes ports are best


Microsoft owns killer instinct. It would never come to NX

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I don’t see it happening either.



Thats a little different. If this was the case, and Nintendo and Microsoft are both cool with stuff like this in other instances than something like minecraft, then why isn’t goldeneye on rare replay ? Or better yet why wasn’t SNES ki or ki gold ever on wii virtual console or wii u virtual console. It’s never gonna happen man. It’s like putting a Mario game on Xbox. Ki is straight up Microsoft; has been for many many years now and they would never allow it to be on a Nintendo console.

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For one I don’t think Nintendo even cares about KI nor would they want to include KI in their launch wave because of KI’s violence. Nintendo likes being more family friendly. Secondly, getting Banjo on Smash is completely different than getting KI on the NX, that would mean MS would get to have a dev kit which am sure Nintendo doesn’t want them to get just yet. Not only that but KI is a no name to Nintendo unlike Minecraft which is their number 1 game. If Nintendo actually cared about KI they would have shown the slightest of interest in the game even when they were partnered with Rare which they didn’t since they just let Rare keep the IP.

Wasn’t KI originally owned by Nintendo? If they were… They’d never release it on PC! Only on their own consoles…

Despite their repertoire of family friendly creations, Nintendo does go out of their way to provide violent content if it will make them money. While the original MK was heavily censored, due to the blacklash and poor sales of the SNES version, MK II was near arcade perfect. It was also during this time that Nintendo and rare partnered on Killer Instinct, and Nintendo even produced KI2 of which ran on custom boards that Nintendo paid for. Conker’s Bad Fur day is also a great example. Nintendo paid Capcom a huge sum to get exclusive access to the Resident Evil franchise, starting with the remake of Resident Evil. That exclusitivity ran out after the release of RE4.

More recently Nintendo purchased the rights and basically funded the entire sequel to Bayonetta, of which is arguably one of the best games to come out of last gen.

Nintendo tends to make a ton of “family friendly” content because that is where much of their money comes from. When you consider that most of the greatest games in history comes from their line up, it makes sense that they continue to focus on the franchises that make the most doe.

Another factor you have to consider is that Nintendo is FINALLY changing. While the death of Iwata was a nasty blow to Nintendo as a company, he was very rigid on how the company was run. During his reign, you would have never seen Nintendo made content on any other console than a Nintendo branded console. In the early 90’s Nintendo got burned when they lent their franchises (namely Zelda and Mario) to alt publishers to be used on a non-Nintendo console.

Iwata swore that they would never release a mobile game that wasn’t created for a Nintendo system…

However, now that he is gone, they are now branching out. It makes perfect sense as they still are by and large the greatest game making company in the world.

In terms of KI going to NX?

Who’s to say?

There are a few factors though that need to be understood…
A. The relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo. You can bet your bottom dollar that if MS could, they would give anything to get more of Nintendo’s liscenced products onto their console. There is too much bad blood between Sony and Nintendo for any such partnership to work, but Nintendo has hardly seen MS as a competitor. Is MS getting Mario content for Minecraft a step in a budding partnership or is it a one hit wonder? Only the future knows.

B. What is the NX. How powerful will it be? What the hell will it do? Before console to console ports can even be discussed, we need to know if the NX can even run KI.

C. Will it make them money? That is the big question there. Most people that want to play KI already own an Xbox or are playing it via PC. KI (despite the seasonal changes) has been out for a few years. The people wanting to play KI have either invested in an Xbox or waited until the PC port. I can’t fathom people holding out for a compatible Nintendo system, to get their KI fix, when there are already two platforms that they can work with.


This’d be great. Maya would be Samus :+1:t2:

Goldeneye isn’t on Rare Replay because it is a James Bond movie license. Forget Nintendo, they would have to get the license back from the movie studio - who have already previously licensed EA to make a Goldeneye remake. So it’s likely they didn’t even try. It has nothing to do with Nintendo. Other games that appeared on N64, like KI and Blast Corps have made it to Rare Replay just fine. In fact, Nintendo has nothing to do with the Goldeneye license.


Why was ki or ki gold never on wii virtual console or wii u ? Nintendo wouldn’t allow diddy Kong racing to be on rare replay either. There’s more that goes into it than we know about. I can assure you that ki will never be on NX or any Nintendo console again.

None of that has anything to do with Goldeneye. Nintendo doesn’t own or control Goldeneye. I’m sorry if it upsets you that you were wrong about this.

Diddy Kong is a Nintendo owned intellectual property. That’s why it’s not in Rare Replay. KI is not on Virtual Console because it’s owned by MS.

But none of that prevents them from reaching an agreement in the future. You can’t assure anyone of anything, since you don’t own the KI IP. You’re just mouthing off. Even if I agree that it’s unlikely (it is), its not a certainty. Sonic is now in games in Nintendo platforms. No one ever thought that would happen either.

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I don’t see it happening but it would be cool for Nintendo, maybe they could have Link, Samus and Bowser as exclusive guests lol

Ki is not on virtual console because it’s owned by MS. You just summed up exactly what I’ve been saying this whole time. It also won’t be on NX or any other Nintendo console… Because it’s owned my MS; and don’t be sorry because I’m not upset. At all lol
It’s just a little ridiculous than anyone would think that ki would be on the new Nintendo console. It’s absurd actually.

And for that matter. If they were cool with letting each other use their IP, and ms would let Nintendo get ki on the NX, why wouldn’t Nintendo allow diddy Kong racing to be on rare replay ?