What id like to see in season 3

A few things id like to see (sorry for another one of these topics) :

  • Customizable Menu : as in we could choose between season 1, 2 or 3’s menu layout and the character selection screen.

  • Id like to see a menu layout based on KI 1 and 2 same with character selection menu.

  • this pronbably wont happen but id like to see like a “color mode” where we can customize the color of any character with any color and/or accessories.

  • An in game way to get all accessories instead of leveling up characters or paying for it.

  • Maybe like 1 or 2 alternate costumes for each character.

  • Tower Arcade mode like the original.

  • the story mode for this season shouldnt be about rivals but more like how everyone is linked together somehow and must help to defeat some evil boss idk lol. Oh and more visuals and not just one picture while the match is loading.

  • The menu needs to be fixed and not soo buggy and laggy, it needs to be fast and smooth.

  • Maybe throw in like minigames or something like how mortal kombat did with older games like chess or tetris or like a mario kart thing, not exactly those but you get my point.

  • As far as guest characters id like to see Raziel from soul reaver or like Beat from jet set radio. I dont want characters like master chief or gears of war or any other rare replay character.

  • More announcers. Girls voice, max’s voice.

  • just more customizable options.

Well thats about it, tell me what you guys think :slight_smile:

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Oh man, What I would give to see Raziel in KI. That would be such a great addition to the roster. You know, I’d be happy with Kain as well, but Raziel fits the bill better as a vampire or reaper of souls.

His stage would be that elder God chamber too.

Anyway, Season 3 would really have to pile on the content if they want an ultra edition to sell to us, since there’s no classics left.

I think adding in the alternating dialect for each character might a way to go and the colour mode that you mentioned could be a good idea.

If they do add another female announcer, make it someone a bit more kick-■■■ than Aria. Whoever thought whispering hype was cool should be shot, no exceptions.