What I want from Kim Wu

first off, this was to actual deal breaker for me. I told myself since baiken and jam from the original guilty gear did not show up, I no longer wanted to play those games. same here with Kim wu. now since its a go, all I kind of want from her is the fact of basics. straight tkd style, with the nice salt of taunt where she just chunks her nunchaku’s in the air and battles bare fist. if she was a reinvented kim wu for 2gold then be my guess. i’m a simple lad…feel free to criticize. i’ve said my fill. XD

For Some reason I’ve always pictured Kim Wu as being like a female Bruce Lee. Like more so then say Fei Long and Marshall Law. Yeah it’s pretty cliché for fighters to have Bruce Lee characters, but seeing a female version would be cool, especially with nunchakus!

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I don’t really care about her costume design, a change from the stereotypical Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) would be nice but I’m more concerned about her animations. I’m hoping IG/MS gets creative with her tahn do li ga (Korean nunchaku). Make her a cocky show-off, shades of Maxi (who is really inspired by Bruce Lee).

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Lol Cocky show off would actually be a very original attitude for a female fighting game character. Usually it’s only male characters that get to be like that I find.

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You guys are right, the stance of her fighting style calls for smooth animation and finesse


I just thought yes, if her instinct brought about two weapons and the ability to throw one of them as a projectile or extend it whip-style like Ivy from scV would be BAD@$$!

I actually welcome new moves and costumes, but just keep the base of Kim that made her who she was

Dragon punch HOAHHH!
Nunchuck slice firecracker SLEEPA SLEEBACK (lol)
Split kick HOAHHH!
Fireball in shape of shuriken or star or flower

She needs to exert powerful screams with every move like ki2. She’s a small firecracker with a powerful force! Low damage but lightning fast spin kicks and rolls

God I hope whomever designed Maya will handle Kim!
I hope she speaks Korean and isn’t some modern domesticated Americanized yoga instructor
I really am looking for an alternate Bruce Lee style hairstyle or tracksuit for her-

I kinda wish Mick Gordon had done Kim and Tusk themes as they would have been EPIC along the shades of Sadira Thunder Glacius Orchid and Hisako.
Then it would have included the dynamic original nod to Kim’s essence that would awaken the emotional throwback we loved from Mick…

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I was never a fan of her so whatever they do I’ll be impressed with.

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Yea I was hoping he’d at least do all veterans. Just gotta wish for the best!

After seeing Maya turn out so well, I’ve got pretty good confidence that they’ll do great stuff with Kim!

Give her costume a new makeover. Mix her with Bruce Lee and taekwondo.

Her costume? Crop top and barefooted.


I don’t think she had many fans if any. I’m betting most people see her as an opportunity to have a great Asian female into which IG might pack some really stylish tropes… Or maybe that’s just me!

Sounds good to me, I wasn’t a fan of any of the KI2 originals aside from Gargos. Though they made Maya good so i have confidence that they can do the same with Kim and Tusk.

I think a calm and disciplined personality would fit her more. According to her backstory in KI2, she was raised as a guardian for her nation since childhood.

if anyone ever read the manga “The God Of Highschool”? there’s a female on there heavily influenced by bruce lee. kind of salty that the aurthor didn’t do much with her though. maybe we could draw some inspiration from said character?

I want Kim’s moveset to look like moves of Maxi_(why this name is being censored? huh) from Soul Calibur series. He was the best Bruce inspired character in FGs imo and his every move is so juicy and cool…

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yes! I made a Kim Wu from soul of M axi on SoulCalibur V
She plays awesome as that move set

(Finally get to post under the correct user name :joy: )
Once again I want:

  1. Dual wield instinct mode with Nunchaku.
  2. High Low fireball ender from KI2 .
  3. Sexy character model :blush:
  4. Speed combine with overwhelming rushdown.
  5. Bad- ■■■ theme song.

That’s all for now :hamburger:

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  1. For her still be the youngest human, 21 is good
  2. For her moveset to not be too altered
  3. For her to say “OKIHIYA” like in KI2

Sadira’s first voice actress you can hear her in the trailer beating up Sabrewulf

The Microsoft stream had the original more aggressive Sadira voice track before she was actually released on Xbox in November 2013

I feel Kim should be forceful and lively, with a lot of emphasis on calling out names of her attacks

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I feel Orchid should be the only exaggerated bustling female, Kim should be at most a B cup, IMO

I’d like her to be more petite to accentuate her youth. Lesser developed if you will. It will match better with her 5"5’ height