What height should gargos be?

I think he should be taller than arbiter, around about Aganos’ height.

Arbiter’s height, not less

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I want him to be Aganos big. He’s a god. He should be big.

I’d say Arbiter or Glacius height. Maybe even Thunder, those wings will add a lot of bulk.

Fill the screen like Apocalypse! Lol jk. I’d say around Arby’s height is good.

He should be the tallest character in the game. taller than arbiter and aganos.

Bigger than the stage.

About Arbiter’s size but the wings should make him bigger than Arby. Aganos should always be the biggest character, its part of his gimmick.

I would like for Gargos to be crazy big, but maybe not as big as Aganos. However, still pretty grand and menacing. Like Azazel from Tekken 6.