What happens when armor is being used?

The only thing I can recall hearing from devs about what armor does was back during season one when they introduced Glacius. I think they said, “you don’t go into hit stun”.

I think a more accurate and admittedly biased description would be “you don’t go into hit stun, but you add about 3 frames of startup to the button you were pressing for every hit of armor you have. You’re now behind for the rest of the match. You should have known, picking Aganos against Maya.”

This affects all characters with armor at varying levels. I can’t speak directly to Glacius’ issues with it, but it affects Aganos immensely.

This weird hit stop doesn’t quite make sense to me, because for some situations, Aganos would actually be better off trying to counter hit with one chunk rather than four, since his attack speed is painfully slow with four and gets even slower with every hit from the opponent. Also, it makes punching/rolling through projectiles fail at times, which is also really bad for him since the roll is -9001 on block.

This is in contrast to Mortal Kombat armor, where armor doesn’t slow down the defensive player’s attack at all. That would probably be too good for a character that can rack up four hits of armor (and TJ), but I think there could be a compromise somewhere so that the armored character doesn’t get punished for having more armor.

He’s fine. Most people just don’t know how to play him yet, and he’s scary in the right hands. Have you seen an Aganos who uses his chunks effectively? WOW!

Sorry, everyone else makes it look really fun to say that, and it is.

But really, this is about the armor system, not buffs (which it will inevitably be taken as). The topic just naturally revolves around Aganos.

I’ll be honest, the hitstun is kinda weird. It causes slight freezes… And Fighting you with Jago, hitting you and slowing down kinda throws me off. The Armor system could use some work, But It might be something we have to deal with. Who knows…