What happens to Kilgore if

So Kilgore is currently free right now (not sure for how long) and I’m using him in SL. So what happens when he’s no longer free? Will the slot open up and the game ask me to replace him?

He will not be replaced. If for some reason your using the “Kilgore demo” in SL mode and haven’t bought him, then once that playthrough is over Kilgore will be gone. You have to buy or download him in order for him to stay in your roster in all modes

So technically you could keep him forever if you don’t finish that play through? This same thing could be done when a new character becomes free

Technically, yes. But the SL will experience crashes more frequently once 20 or so days have passed (on console). Also, he is only available in Shadow Lords. You can’t practice or use him outside of that mode.

Rather crafty way to keep hold of new characters when they become free, thanks for the confirmation dude and you too @GeneralScrebor :slight_smile:


No problem dude.