What happened here?

go to 1:57, set to 0.25x speed, and begin the memes.

(I’ll be watching these matches over the next few days, probably posting more like this in this thread. I’m not interested in arguing in any form, so i’ll be reading but not replying. I’m just posting moments that i think make the game look bad, and should be adjusted. Not to hate, just for the devs, so dont expect personal attention on this.)

Is it due to the Attack looked to be a standing HK and was broke as medium? Or the air to air sequence after the break that seemed to completely miss each other?

idk enough about gargos to even know this happened, if it indeed did happen. I was pointing out the air to air.
(Yes, i know what actually happened, the hitbox on air ORZ is lower than it seems, but, how would anyone “new” be able to analyze this? Just a detail worth fixing to prevent audiences from confusion/loss of interest. Looks bad.)

Sorry, should have actually been specific.

Its a medium kick then… I just wasnt sure which part you were thinking of.