What Games Would You Guys Want To See Remade/Rebooted?

For me, it’s “Primal Rage”, “War of the Monsters”, “Quake”, “SiN”, “Dino Crisis”, “Rise of the Robots”, “Pray For Death”, “Dead Space” and “Evil Zone”. How about you guys?


Primal Rage
Its one of my top 3 games that I enjoyed. I still miss it to this day. In the meantime, I will continue to work on the fan project Jeff and I are working on.

War of the Monsters
Also a great game. It revolves around Kaiju. Not enough of those.


Indeed, although there is “Override” (would that be a kaiju game, or would that technically qualify more as a mech game?). Still, the more kaiju games the better.

I think it fits more as a mech game.

Ah, okay. The reason why I ask is because I heard that Ultraman was a guest character or something, so I wasn’t sure if that were the case.

Oh wow, what a question! This probably isn’t a complete list, but:


Legacy of Kain
Skies of Arcadia
Lost Odyssey
Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge
Mace: The Dark Age
Eternal Champions
Power Stone
Golden Axe
NFL Blitz
Primal Rage
EA’s Strike series (Desert Strike, Soviet Strike, etc.)
Blood Wake

Panzer Dragoon Saga
Dark Cloud 2
Suikoden 2
Def Jam: Fight for New York
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Hunter: The Reckoning

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Since tonne of people have already said primal rage, I won’t. I would love to see ClayFighter come back, with modern graphical tech that game could be GORGEOUS! As for remakes, I’d love to see the Banjo-Kazooie trilogy remade (1, Tooie, and Grunty’s Revenge) as well as the original Sonic… Quintology… I guess (1, 2, CD, 3, and Knuckles) with beautiful modern graphics. 2D animation style for Sonic. That would look breathtaking!

Okay heres a rebot and remake list

King of the monsters (SNK)
Primal Rage
War of the Monsters
Eternal Champions
Rise of the Robots

Godzilla Pipeworks Trilogy

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I completely forgot about “Mace The Dark Age” and “Weaponlord”. But yeah, I’d LOVE to see those come back as one or other along with “Area 51” , “Alone In the Dark 1”, “Rampage” and “The Suffering”.

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“BloodRayne” and “House of the Dead” are also really good titles deserving reboots/remakes, especially the latter since the data for that one had been lost or something.

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Mega Man X reboot, for one

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