What games do you hold in high esteem?

Now what video games do you basically AND practically hold in such high esteem/regard and admire/enjoy so very much as well as hold fond, special memories and even hold a special place in your heart for you?

For these games they more or less as well as in one way or another have currently done these things to me:
Killer Instinct
Dead Space
Mortal Kombat
Mega Man X
Heavenly Sword
Virtua Fighter
House of the Dead
Little Nightmares
Time Crisis
Super Mario Bros.
Soul Calibur

Now the one game that currently did ALL OF THE ABOVE for me is none other than Ori and the Blind Forest. In fact AND not only that, I have even recommended this game to a few other gamers awhile back :grin: :smile: :blush: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :+1:

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Silent Hill (1-4)
Killer Instinct
Gears of War
Final Fantasy VI
Super Smash Bros Melee
F-Zero GX
Dead Space 1-2

Lots of others but these games/ series will always be fondly remembered.


Darksouls 3
Killer Insticnt
The WItcher 3
Lords fo the Fallen
Uncharted 4
Horizon Zero Dawn

Snow Bros
Primal Rage
Golden Axe 3
Adventure Island 3
Adventure Island 2
Killer Instinct 1

I don’t get bored of them and playing them through the years.

Closest thing I’ve experienced and was extremely passionate was Gears of Wars 3. Made Lota of friends with it.
There are other incredible games, but though I really like/enjoyed them, aren’t in the same tier (meaning the replayability is cool but not arcade)

Ultima Online
Zelda Ocarina of time
Zelda Majora’s mask
Street Fighter 3
Baldurs Gate I & II
Killer instinct 2013
Witcher 3

Difficult to say… especially with the decline in game play quality lately.

Jak and Daxter series
Megaman X/Zero series
Devil May Cry series + DmC
Mortal Kombat series (since reboot)
Street Fighter Alpha series (SFA3 being my fave SF game of all time)
Killer Instinct series + reboot
Legend of Zelda series
Soul Calibur series
Dragon Age series.

Probably a whole lot more, but these are the ones I can think of atm. ^^

Max Payne 2

Mortal Kombat 4

Captain America and the Avengers on NES


Darkest Dungeon

Worms Armageddon

Killer Instinct

Streets of Rage 2

Dark Souls

Witcher 3

Diablo 1



Metal Slug

King of the Monsters

No particular order
Mass Effect 1-3 plus all DLC
Ninja Gaiden Black
Dead or Alive 3
Yie Are Kung-fu ( first arcade game I played)
Bad Dudes
The Revenge of Shinobi
Red Dead Redemption
SF Alpha 2
SF3: 3rd Strike
Golden Axe 1&2
Streets of Rage
Virtua Fighter 2
Crazy Taxi

Killer Instinct (all versions)
Soul Calibur
Baldur’s Gate
Any main Mario game
Virtua Fighter
Mount & Blade
Mace The Dark Age

I think OP meant games across your entire lifetime. I know that feeling though, very few new games are ones I truly remember myself.


Mega Man 3
Batman (NES)
Roll Away
Disgaea 2
Timesplitters 2
Dark Souls 1 and 3 (would also have included Demon’s Souls, but I was never able to finish it)
Skullgirls (honestly the reason I didn’t leave fighting games for good some years back)
Diablo 1 and 2
Dead Space 1
Tekken Tag Tournament 1

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Killer Instinct 2013 (Obligatory :wink:)
Dark Souls
Devil May Cry 1 & 3
Ninja Gaiden Black
NieR: Automata
Fallout 3, 4, & New Vegas
Mass Effect 2
Steamworld Heist
Resident Evil 2, 4, & 7
Silent Hill 1-3
Sonic 2, 3&K, CD
Various Castlevania Titles
Various Legend of Zelda Titles

In no particular order:

Killer instinct 2013
Mass Effect Series
Dragon Age Series
Soulsborne series (never played Demon Souls)
Halo Series
Sly Cooper Series
Ratchet and Clank Series (mainly original trilogy)
Twisted Metal Series
Gears of War Series
Ace Combat 4-6 (zero included)
Metal Gear Solid Series
Silent Hill Series

And that’s pretty much what I got off the top of my head at the moment.

God of war series
Gears of war series
Bioshock series
Dead space series
Killer instinct
Borderlands 2
Forza horizon series
Ori and the blind forest
Super Mario bros
All legend of Zelda games
DMC on this gen consoles 60fps is amazing game
Ninja gaiden 2

And the Sea of thieves closed beta! I had so much fun with the beta, i guess the full game will be added to this list as wel.

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