What games do you find to be addictive/addicting?

What games have you played that you find to be addictive/addicting and at the same time got you hooked on them? Bejeweled is definitely one game that I find to be VERY addictive/addicting and at the same time got me hooked on it

Started trying Battle Camp: a game that’s mixed with Pokémon and Minecraft

My first addiction… Attack Tank for Vectrex;

My 2nd:
Star Wars, 1983

My dad bought a stand up arcade cabinet from his cousin who owned an arcade :smile:

My 3rd:
BOMBERMAN… not just any Bomberman, SUPER BOMBERMAN!

Destiny. I want the good loot. I haven’t got a team to do weekly nightfalls and get it though, or raids.

Prototype 1/2

Darksiders 2

Ultimare Mortal Kombat 3 - Arcade version

Street Fighter 2 - Arcade version

Custom Robo - Gamecube

Soul Calibur 2 - Gamecube

Rare Replay - Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Conker’s bad fur day and Battletoads 1/arcade.

Versus games. Period.

As long as it’s not something like Versus Candy Crush. Puzzle Fighter is sick though!

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve lost to the Doom series.
The first Doom still remains one of my favorite games of all time, Doom 2 is a frantic step up in pace even from the original, and Doom 3 has atmosphere so thick you need industrial cutting tools to cut it. LL the while the killer visual design that has evolved throughout the series is second to none. Hyped as ■■■■ for Doom4 this spring!

I’ve only been able to sink significant time into 3, but the Fallout series has certainly held my interest in a vice grip since I discovered it. The wasteland of post nuclear America with that signature '50s charm, all contrasted by the grim, violent, foreboding atmosphere. Fallout 4 looks to be the most interesting and ambitious title yet, and I’m confident that with the massive world they be creating I’ll get sucked in again.

Oddworld is probably one of the most unique and varied franchises in all of gaming, and each one is a world unto itself. From Abe’s Oddesy/Exodus, the ultra hard side scrolling platformer; to Munch’s Oddesy, the enormous 3D world full of interesting puzzles and mechanics; to Stranger’s Wrath, the single most unique shooter ever created, with PoV changing not only view but also gameplay mechanics, using live animals as ammunition, each with their own strategies and upgrades, and objective/mission structure I haven’t seen replicated since; all brought together by excellent story telling, pitch black humor, and a colorful cast of characters laden with quirky designs. Once I pick one up, I CANNOT stop.

And as much as guilty as I am to admit it, I went on quite the modern online fps binge for several years. Halo and Call of Duty both
consumed hundreds of hours of my life. Something so satisfying about knowing you bested a human opponent… Granted, I’ve stopped doing most online stuff since its so stressful, but I still look back fondly at my Master Prestige in Blops2.

3rd person action games that have quite some content to unlock. Batman arkham city, witcher 3, red dead redemption, tomb raider, …

Good fighting games that don’t center their gameplay around juggles.
I cannot play MKX, Tekken or umvc3. Tried but just not a fan of waiting for juggles to end.

Racing games with cars that have distinct engine sounds and don’t float.

Fighting Games… I can’t Stop! :smile:

Rise of the tomb raider, KI, Until Dawn, and MKX. Those are the ones that have really got me playing hours on end and basically not doing anything else around the house i should be doing lol

Red dead redemption
Zelda ocarina of time
Halo, preferably 2 (to a lesser degree 3)
The older mario kart
Smash n64
Perfect Dark
And after playing the wwe 2k16 game from GWG, I was reminded of the N64 game WCW vs NWO, played that game till my controllers broke…
Loved those old nintendo couch multiplayer games

Are games I could play for a very long time on consoles. On my phone I have been messing with Marvel Puzzle Quest for years now…