What game studios/developers do you hold in high esteem?

Here are currently few development teams that I now hold in REALLY high esteem and regard:
Moon Studios (Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps)
id Software (Doom 2016, Doom Eternal)
RobTopGames (Geometry Dash)
Swing Swing Submarine (Seasons After Fall)

I may add few more later on down the line.

NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat, Injustice)
Bandai Namco (Soul Calibur, Tekken)
Visceral Games (Dead Space, Dante’s Inferno)
Vigil Games (Darksiders)
Platinum Games (Bayonetta)

thatgamecompany (Journey, Flower)
Tarsier Studios (Little Nightmares)

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Rareware for starters. They still have great potential even if they’re squandering it on art games and mmos. Expanding on that, Iron Galaxy too. NeatherRealm Studios. Rocksteady Games. In the past Kojima Productions would have been on there but then Death Stranding happened (the Phantom Menace of Kojima games). Vicarious Visions, Toys for Bob, Beenox, Sora LTD, PlatinumGames… there are probably more, but that’s who comes to mind off my head top.


There’s a lot of great developers out there. Just off the top of my head, and in no particular order:

  • id Software
  • NetherRealm Studios
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Bethesda Game Studios
  • Bungie Studios
  • BioWare

I’m confident I’m missing some, though evidently a lot are brought to us by the letter “B.”


Killer Instinct, the DK games (I never got to finish DK64 for some reason) I only got as far as needed

-Iron Galaxy and Double Helix
They made KI one of the best fighting games of this generation of consoles.

Smash Bros, Super Mario, Pokemon (what more can I say?)

The creators of Sonic., Eternal Champions, Altered Beast.

Made some great games in their time. King of the Monsters is my favorite.

-Pipeworks: They brought us the Godzilla Trilogy in video games. No godzilla games ever held a candle to what they did,

-Bandai Namco
They were responsible for Tekken which was one of my favorite franchises in fighting games. Now Soul Calibur replaces it.

-Bungie Studios
Halo 3 was the first online game I actully played. Had tons of fun with it too.

-Netherrealm Studios:
After Midway games died they returned to make mortal kombat. while I’m not exactly satisfied with MK11, But they still did some cool stuff with MK.

Primal Rage and their involvement in some of the early DBZ Games of the ps2 Era, and the Godzilla pipeworks trilogy.

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None that practice crunching their people.

CD Projekt Red
Some teams within Capcom (MH team)