What game series would you like/want to see die off?

One game series that I now would quite like to see basically die off soon is the Dead Or Alive/DOA series

Killer Instinct…

Just kidding, I’m serious right now. I want DOA too

I like the actual sport but ea has made the same game every year for over 10 years and I think it’s time we get a different option for an NFL game.

lol DOA

Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty need to go. They just need to go.


Personally, I don’t want to see any fighting series die off. Would some innovation be appreciated from game to game? Absolutely, but this genre’s small enough already, the options limited enough as it is without killing off franchises, even the ones that have become insanely familiar over the years.

I don’t “hate” any of these series, but in my opinion, these could all end and I’d be fine with it:

Call of Duty: Pretty much the symbol for the most overexposed genre out there. The last one that I enjoyed was COD2 during the launch of the 360. Pretty sure they’ve come out with about a hundred sequels since then lol.

Battlefield: Call of Duty’s less attractive sister. A series that EA is milking every dollar out of and I honestly don’t think it’s all that good. If this series went away, I wouldn’t mind it in the least.

Assassins Creed: Grossly overexposed. I don’t know why Ubisoft thought it’d be good idea to put one out each year. Forget putting it on the back burner for a year or two. This just needs to go away.

Uncharted: Loved the first two, but the third one and the Vita title were only so-so to me. I’m sure the fourth one will be fine, but I’m not excited about this series at all anymore. Call me crazy, but I also think that the storytelling in these games is average at best, and never enough. The characters are well realized, but the story never pulls me in as much as I want it to.

Sonic the Hedgehog: It pains me to say this, because I loved the Genesis games and even the Adventure titles on Dreamcast, but with few exceptions (Sonic colors, maybe Sonic 4), this series has been putting out terrible titles for well over a decade now.

Resident Evil: Between it’s below average sequels post RE4, it’s average spinoffs and it’s nostalgia stoking remakes, RE is a shell of it’s former self, and no one at Capcom seems to know what to do with it anymore beyond turning it in to a shooter.

Gears of War: Loved the first one, but everything since then has felt like more of the same. Also not a fan of the characters or the story.

Metal Gear Solid: If Kojima’s not involved with it, then just end it. The series was his vision and his vision alone. Let it end with a great game in MGS:V. Don’t put a new team on it and try to continue because it won’t be the same and even if it is, honestly, at some point, the story, convoluted though it may be, needs to stop.

Fable: I honestly haven’t liked any of them since the first one. A lot of big ideas that seem to come together to form decent, but not great games. Oh and the new one, whatever they seem to be doing with it, doesn’t interest me at all. If MS is going to make a tent pole franchise out of an RPG, I wish they’d go with Lost Odyssey instead.

Elder Scrolls: I know I’m in the minority here, but I honestly can’t stand the gameplay in this series, and it’s not for a lack of trying. The story, the characters… None of it resonates with me in spite of my efforts to enjoy them, which is odd given how much I enjoyed Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Killzone: The first one showed potential, but this series has just become another run of the mill, faceless number in an already overcrowded genre. There is literally nothing about this series that excites or interests me.

Batman: Arkham series: Love this series. Loved Knight, City and Asylum. Which is why I don’t want to see another developer come along after Rocksteady and run it in to the ground with a series of average titles that can’t hold a candle to what this series was at its best. Let it be what it was without trying to cash in on it for the next decade.

I love Madden and NHL for that matter, but they absolutely do NOT need to come out every year. If they did something like… Pay $10 for a full season of roster updates for the next season, they could bring a full new game out once ever two or even three years.

Not only would that benefit gamers wallets and hopefully prevent us from getting the same freaking game with minor graphical updates and a revised mode or two, but it would allow the developers ample time to actually perfect what they’re working on and significantly evolve the game as a whole, rather than the borderline updates that they’re charging us $60 for now.

Last year’s NHL sealed it for me. I’m not buying another EA sports game if I own the one that came out the year before. I’d rather play with outdated rosters than give them money to rush something like that to market.

Call of Duty needs to die, and Assassin’s Creed needs to die, ever since they went to the yearly release of Assassin’s Creed, the games went to ■■■■.

That’s really it to me. The sports games coming out every years isn’t really a big deal to me, since me and my friends rotate who’s getting the game every year, because there’s always something (small) improved about them.

To be honest, I could go to town on this list, given how horrendously mismanaged the gaming industry has been recently.

I’ll try to be diplomatic (as only I can be):

  1. Pokemon: I don’t think there’s enough colours, rare minerals or even animals to make the number of sequels or additional creatures they aim to make. Come up with a new idea or just go away, please.

  2. Resident Evil: The first game was terrible, yet it has had I don’t even know how many sequels. Why? Because the simpleton meat puppets out there love killing zombies and worse acting than daytime TV. I played the demo for one of recent games and saw my teammate revive me by waving an iPhone in my face. Pffft

  3. Call of Duty: I’m not abhorred at the idea of writing a code and using it for later sequels, but at least add to it and fix what was wrong with the earlier iterations at least. I mean come on, how many times have you picked up a new CoD and seen the exact same death animation or the tiresome head glitch in pvp?

These are just a few examples of the copy/paste games that need to go, because these are the names we see all the time and cause the gaming industry to stagnate. Get rid of these titles and spend some of the big bucks on NEW titles and bring in NEW talent.

Oh yeah, one more:

Final Fantasy: This series used to be a genre leader amongst JRPGs and was also one of my favorites, now it seems to glom on to whatever’s popular in western RPGs and the travesty of it is that they’re nowhere near as good as the things they’re trying to imitate.

The three Final Fantasy XIII games were some of the worst RPGs I’ve ever slogged through, featuring bland, tropey, unlikeable characters, a story that feels like it was ripped straight from a whiny14 year old hipster’s spiral notebook and gameplay that was derivative at best and basically played itself at worst.

FF:XV has potential, but I’ve already seen a good number of things that raise some red flags for me. I’m honestly amazed at how far removed this game is from the first ten titles, and how much I despise the direction they’re going in. I’m really hoping this game turns out well. I want it to be great and I am definitely rooting for Square Enix. But if it’s anything like the XIII games, then Square needs to admit that they’ve lost the pulse of their fanbase and end it.

Same goes for the Final Fantasy VII remake. I’m not averse to change, but if you’re going to take one of your best, most revered titles and change the actual gameplay… Well yeah, it makes me more than a little nervous. Again, hoping for the best. But Square Enix’s mismanagement of this series for years now fills me with apprehension. If they somehow manage to mess this one up, then yeah, time to pack it in and leave people to their memories of Sakaguchi’s classics.

Mortal Kombat is way overdue, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, any game Batman related (or movie for that matter) Batman to me is like a cancer, it has been prevailing for so long with no cure yet. I was done with Batman since Batman Returns with Tim Burton and sadly Spiderman is becoming similar with the stupid reboots…which still hasn’t erased the stupid originals

One more thing. I want COD to dead because they focus future. I really want COD world war 2, but they still want stupid future!

Wow, Mortal Kombat? That’s kinda surprising. I look at a lot of fighting games out there and I see sequels that look remarkably similar to the last one that came out. Dead or Alive,Tekken, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur… MK tends to change up their formula a lot between games. MK, MK3, MK4, MKDA and MK9 are all remarkably different from one another.

I’ll admit that MK2, UMK3, Trilogy, MK Gold, Deception, Armageddon and MKX all iterated on the game that came before, but on the whole, MK’s done more to reinvent itself than any other fighting game out there.

Now, if you just don’t like the story or the gameplay or whatever, then that’s a matter of personal taste and I totally respect that, even if I disagree.

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Mortal Kombat basically is “mortal combat”- combat to the death, winner lives, loser dies. No one dies in this game, everyone comes back to life. So many things are way too outrageous and sensationalism with this game, now you can break bones and the guy with the broken arm, collarbone and leg is still standing and fighting… I think Mortal Kombat was done at part 2, they strayed too much after that and its premise is designed to make no sense what so ever, they didn’t make the game thinking what if there is a 2-3-4 etc. what can we do? But money talks and drones buy the games. Sheep.

I think that EA sports games as a whole should probably go out the window for a long while. Such minute changes year to year, little more than roster updates that could just as easily be given to anyone with an internet connection for free. Besides, if I want to play football I grab a ball and go outside. I understand there’s an audience for this sort of thing, but I’m certainly not part of it.
As an added note, I agree that a lot of the “$65-$90 yearly update” franchises could do with a bit of discipline. I mean, it’s impressive that these companies come out with a game and sell millions of copies on a yearly basis, but it’s unfortunate to see franchises that were once widely adored (Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Halo [even though it isn’t quite yearly], etc.) stretch themselves so far beyond their means that they grow tired and uninspired. It seems that more often than not a franchise will continue to be made as long as it is profitable, which -while wise from a business standpoint- runs that series into the ground until it loses almost all of the good will it had garnered with the installments people loved (looking at you, Other M)

COD was a game based on WW2 they got successful, ran out of WW2 stories to tell. Situation became how do we keep this machine going that is making money? Well let us imagine possible future wars. That’s why we are still getting COD games, people are still buying them. Doesn’t mean they are good but like Mortal Kombat it is the set-up and short-sightedness and not factoring in what if it is really successful, how do we prevent stupidity from taking the driver seat? To me I can’t get into any COD game because there aren’t characters to get invested in, it is generic man with gun, shoot the guys that are shooting at you. That is no different than playing Berserk on Atari (don’t ask me how I remember that game)

The reason why Halo is huge is because although some people treat the game like “I’m this guy, shoot those guys”, there are people out there like myself who know the story through listening in-game and get involved and invested with what is going on so it means more to us than “just shoot those dudes-yay I win”. Plus I have a very good idea of the story, characters, events, backstory and haven’t read any of the books, can you imagine those that have?

Sheep? Okay ease off the accelerator there, free thinker. Just because someone likes a game whose story doesn’t fit what you perceive the premise to be, doesn’t mean they’re a “drone.”

I’ll agree with you on characters coming back, as I think that’s a garbage way to tell a story. If a character is killed in the story, then they should stay dead. The most shocking part in this series happened in the MKDA intro when Liu Kang was killed. But then they decided to bring him back (in the next game, no less) as a freaking zombie, because suddenly those exist. It was beyond stupid.

MK’s storytelling needs to grow up, for sure. The errors in character logic, the plot holes, the character power inconsistencies, the narrow focus on the heroes, the dialog… It all needs to grow up and leave the campy 90’s comic book style in the past where it belongs and learn how to tell a serious, nuanced story with believable characters, even in spite of the circumstances within which the story takes place.

I’ll also agree about the damage stuff, and how far over the top that’s gone in the last few games. However the whole “to the death” thing was never intended to be the one rule that governed every match from a story standpoint.

Sure, Shang Tsung wanted them to kill one another because he wanted more souls and he wanted his champion to win so his emperor could invade, but characters surviving from game to game, tournament to tournament, continuing along the story wasn’t somehow at odds with anything just because of the stupid title of the game. That’s like saying “street fighter? But they’re fighting in a train station. That’s not a street. This game is the worst.”

Oh well, I get where you’re coming from on some of this stuff and you’re entitled to your opinion and all that on the other stuff that I don’t see eye to eye with you on.

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Street fight, doesn’t automatically mean a fight in the street. A street fight or a street fighter is someone who isn’t fighting in a controlled environment like let’s say a boxing ring, octagon and with referees to call fouls or have authority to call the fight done if he deems the person’s life in danger since he cannot take anymore, TKO etc. Although I put KI above Streetfighter, the title isn’t stupid because they are actually all streetfighting even though there is an announcer, there is no one calling the fight. It is over in a best of 3 and 1.5 minutes per round which seem like the only rules they seem to have. Vega has a claw, some characters aren’t fighting people in their weight-class and guys fighting girls etc. it isn’t technically fair but anything goes = Street fight

In both cases, you’re inferring what the game is or isn’t based on your literal interpretation of the title. You might think that’s an entirely logical thing to do, but I respectfully disagree. My issue also comes from the fact that you seem to go as far as condemn Mortal Kombat for this perceived premise and the fact that not everyone dies because they should always be fights to the death because of the game’s name.

You can extend it to the name of the tournament as well, if you’d like, it still doesn’t mean that, from a story perspective, that everyone that loses has to be killed. It’s what Shang Tsung wants and it can certainly happen, but naming a game Mortal Kombat shouldn’t guarantee it and that’s obviously not how things played out in the first tournament or the next and so on.

As I’ve stated though, I do take issue with characters that actually get killed in the story coming back to life in the next game or whatever, not because it’s inconsistent, as you can write a story to say whatever you want, but because it’s weak storytelling. I hope they improve upon that, though I tend to doubt that they will because they seem to think that people like the whole “no one ever stays dead in Mortal Kombat” line that they use. I personally hate it.

oh my god, are you for real? I can simplify it this way for you: No one says “Hey did you see that mortal combat that took place outside in the parking lot?” but one can say, “Hey did you see that street fight that took place outside in the parking lot?”

Simple as that. Some titles mean something and others mean something as a whole.

Dude, we’re arguing over opinions here. Your interpretation of what Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter mean. Disagree with me all you want, I don’t buy one game’s title has to be taken literally as a guideline for what has to happen in the battles, which I take to be a part of the story and can thus have any number of outcomes, and the other doesn’t. That’s pretty much it.

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Even if it is just a name of a tournament, The Mortal Kombat Tournament, where nobody dies, where mortals and immortals fight to the death???.. Please stop while you’re ahead.