What game companies make you angry?

One game company which did just THAT to me as well as made me VERY upset right now is Electronic Arts especially for what they just did to Visceral Games, the founders AND creators of the Dead Space series.

Man screww you, go screww yourselves, AND most of all screww off Electronic Arts. Thanks a lot too, EA :expressionless: :angry: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :-1: :fu:



Actvision I can’t stand them.


I believe you mean them as publishers.

For me, its EA, WB Games and Activision


OMG OMG! Iron Freaking Galaxy… They created this freak’n broken game called… I think it’s Killer Instinct… They HAD to make all the characters balanced… no more freaking broken Kan Ra, and what REALLY irks me is that KI has one of the best NetCodes! OMG OMG OMG! They SO should have made the netcode like Capcom… it’s so good… Every match has beautiful lag. :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly the biggest problem that I’ve noticed with Publishers and Movie Studios alike, is that many of them are run by individuals who don’t really understand what makes a game a game and fun. In studios, like Universal, much of their execs have no story talent whatsoever, and that is why you get crap like the new Mummy movie.


I’m with you on this one. I dislike all 3 of those companies.

As far as EA goes, they stuck their greedy corporate fingers so far into Dead Space 3, that we ended up with a way different game than what Visceral originally wanted to make, and that’s very disappointing. I can only hope that one day, they can see the greatness of the Dead Space IP and make a 4th game that returns to its horror roots.

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EA and Capcom for sure






#5 Square Enix: What they’ve done to Final Fantasy since FF XII has been terrible. They announce stuff and then take years to bring it to market (FF XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 being the most recent examples) and they keep trying to position their newer titles to follow western trends, including FF VII Remake, which seems utterly absurd given that the word remake is in the title.

#4 Activision: They basically murdered the music genre in video games. They have a tendency to pour whatever you want down your throat until you beg them to stop, and then they move on. Also, the recent stuff with the matchmaking and microtransactions sounds especially skeevy, yet not at all surprising.

#3 Capcom: After having a renaissance last generation, they’ve morphed in to a company that can’t seem to do their own games justice. Street Fighter V’s launch was a disaster (not to mention the fact that they made SF console exclusive for the first time, even if that was the only way to put it out), and the art style of both that game and MVCI are not great. They’ve also seemingly banished Darkstalkers to the abyss, which really sucks because it’s my favorite out of all three of those.

#2 Electronic Arts: Man, this company seems like it would steel the pennies off a dead man’s eyes. Whether it’s shuttering studios or constantly finding new ways to charge me money in-game, they consistently come off as one of the greediest companies out there. I’d also put them on this list because they shut 2K out of football (especially considering that NFL 2K was a vastly superior product to Madden back then) and of course, the most recent Star Wars issues. How you gonna do Amy Hennig like that??

#1 Microsoft: I hate to put them on here because I really enjoyed what they did on Xbox, the 360, and the first few years of the XB1, but the last year or two have been pretty bad for them.

Shuttering Lionhead, losing Remedy to 3rd party, cancelling Scalebound, cancelling new Phantom Dust, kinda missing the mark with ReCore and Halo Wars 2, relying too heavily on smaller indie titles as their big releases (something people knocked Sony for in the first few years of the PS4), missing out on several Japanese titles that became PS4 exclusive, all while failing to cultivate any of their own franchises have made recent years kinda bleak in terms of exclusive AAA software.

I think part of the reason why Halo, Gears and Forza are starting to show their age to some extent is because there are so few AAA exclusives on XB1 these days and when they do come out, they’re usually one-offs. Where are the other tent-pole franchises? Where are sequels to the Mistwalker games (Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon), where are sequels to Crimson Skies, MechAssault, Remedy titles like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, MS fighters like Kakuto Chojin or Tao Feng, the many Rare titles like Banjo, Conker, Kameo and Jet Force Gemini?

I keep seeing Phil Spencer talk about how they’ve heard us, and they’ll be bringing back more MS classics, but other than Crackdown 3, which doesn’t seem to be going all that well, all we’ve had are a remaster of Voodoo Vince and a remix of Phantom Dust (which is cool).

The only real standout in terms of bringing a game in to the new generation has been the same standout since day one of the XB1, which is Killer Instinct, and even then, they didn’t seem to want to commit to it as a full-fledged AAA title. It’s remarkable what Adam and the MS side and DH / IG have been able to do wwith this game, even though it now either seems to be done or in limbo or who knows what.

Either way, I really hope they’re working on having a better 2018, because so far, all I see on the horizon are games that got delayed out of 2017 (Crackdown 3, Sea of Theives and State of Decay 2). There’s also a new Ori game, which I’m psyched for, but who knows when that’ll arrive and again, it’s more of an indie.

So I’ll ask… Microsoft, where are the AAA exclusives? Where are the big ticket (or even medium ticket) calling card level exclusive franchises? Where are the games?


None make me angry, really. Why would I get angry over them making business decisions that are in their rights?

However, plenty disappoint. The only 2 publishers I have blacklisted are Bethesda (crazy, I know) and Capcom. Double Fine as a developer was blacklisted due to their overpriced games, but they’re off the list now.

Bethesda due to their overly-litigous nature. Anything that has the words “fall”, “out”, “elder”, or “scrolls” gets a cease and desist letter sent to the creator. So F Bethesda, as much as I love their games, I don’t want my money going just to support their lawyers.

Capcom? Self-explanatory. Tho it’s kinda funny seeing the FGC just starting to hate Capcom since SFV. Capcom has been a pretty anti-consumer company since the turn of the decade or close to it.

I retract my first statement. Blizz games anger me w/ their crappy RNG, imbalances, etc in various games. And I therefore rage at Blizzard. But that’s their games, not them as a company. As a company, dey still coo. For the most part.

I can probably say that for a buncha developers now that I think about it…

I did forget to mention that I avoid games published by Activision as Activision only. I hate Activision and the recent news below reaffirms that. But I still do spend money on Blizz stuff (tho I haven’t in about 4-5 months?). And I’m not sure how much of that goes to Activision.

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@Iago407 What about Ubisoft and WB Games?

^^ IMO Ubisoft has had a lot of dumb stuff go on but they have a decent number of saving graces under their name and, unlike EA and Activision, they aren’t completely allergic to creativity on occasion.

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You know, I was going to make a similar thread where people would vent their frustrations on bad game design elements.

For instance, I picked up Soul Calibur 2 on the Nintendo Gamecube back in the day, and as much as I enjoyed playing as Astaroth & Voldo, I saw that Lizardman was a thing, and I REALLY wanted to play as the reptilian sword & shield wielding maniac. Riptor + Thunder’s hatchet + Spinal’s shield? Yes please.

Too bad that I had to finish the entire story/challenge mode completely before Lizardman became available on the roster, and it’s hard to top the suckiness of finding out that the character that you want to play as in a fighter/shooter/etc. game is only playable after you 100% complete it first. :expressionless: Gee, thanks for my :lizard:, Namco- Too bad there’s nothing left in the game for me to conquer with the Lizardman that I wanted from the first time I booted up the disc…

I remember this being a thing with Sonic fans who wanted to play as the spike-headed freak out of the box, only to discover that they had to beat the entire story campaign first. (I’m a Bowser/DK main when I DO play Smash, but I still feel for hedgehog enthusiasts!)

What other game design elements bug you guys? :thinking:


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Like Child of Light, for example? :wink: :slight_smile:

I had heard of this, I’m amazed how bluntly they acknowledge they are gonna purposefully and actively make your game play experience worse unless you buy more junk after you already bought the game. This ticks me off

Oh, how could I forget…


Y’know, the ones who made Mighty no. 9. I had such high hopes for that game, and then the devs screwed over their backers…

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“Angry” might be overstating it a bit. I’m not outraged at any company, but yes, as you say, plenty disappoint.

This is the reason why I won’t buy games from Bethesda anymore. It’s not an anger thing or anything like that, just a philosophy. If you’re going to hand-pick which reviewers get games early and which ones don’t, then I’m not going to trust the quality of the games or the content of the early reviews.

Don’t get me wrong, Bethesda has a history of making great games, so I’m sure the next Elder Scrolls or whatever game will be great too, but I’m not going to buy it or play it because I think that this practice, from a philosophical standpoint, is shady and anti-consumer and I won’t support it with my money.

As I recall, I’m pretty sure early Street Fighter games were more expensive on console. Maybe I’m wrong on that? I could swear that SF2: Turbo was like $70 when it came out, but maybe I’m just crazy lol.

But yeah, all of the iterations on the same game, with a few characters added, then sold at full price was pretty crazy to me. Now they’re headlong in to the DLC seasons, but given how little SFV had (and to a lesser extent MVCI) out of the gate, charging full price for these games, which to me seem to have mediocre art, is a bit of a shame, but honestly not that surprising.

I’ve had my moments where Ubisoft has bothered me, such as shipping the bug filled mess that was Assassins Creed: Unity, but I’ll give them credit for at least trying different things with games, even as Vivendi has been trying to slowly devour them for a few years now.

WB on the other hand… Yeah, their shtick is getting old. I love NRS and the games that they make, but holy crap are their games getting monetized to kingdom come.

Characters, skins, guests, preorder bonus characters, money sucking tap tap phone games, and now we’ve seen loot boxes arrive in fighting games with Injustice 2 with not just cosmetics, but stuff that effects character strength and defense and even the move list, which to me seems like a line that should never be crossed.

I enjoy Injustice, but I wouldn’t say I’m hyper passionate about it, but since I’m sure that garbage is going to worm it’s way in to MK XI, I can’t say that I’m happy with WB right now.

However, my personal experience kinda knocks them out of the top five for me. Yes, I hate the guests in MK, but I just don’t buy them. Simple as that. Sure, MKX on the PC was a disaster for a long time, but I’m not a PC gamer, so it didn’t effect me. So while I don’t love their business practices and their desire to seemingly squeeze every penny from my pocket, I do love the Arkham games, I like Injustice, and MK is still one of my all time favorite series, and I don’t know if it would still exist today if it weren’t for WB.

So yeah, I’d call them a mixed bag for me. :slight_smile:

I should also include another company that’s kind of frustrated me for a while now:

#6 SEGA: How do you have THAT many great IPs and yet put out so many few games, and how are so many of those games bad Sonic titles? It seems like ever since the Dreamcast went belly up and Sega left the hardware space, they not only lost their urge to innovate, they lost their urge to do much of anything else.

Sure, they had a nice run with the original X-Box and they have some other stuff here and there like Condemned on the 36 or Football Manager or Total War, but if you look at this company’s resume of titles, the work they’ve done in recent years feels like a drop in the bucket of what they could be doing.

I’m sure Sammy is part of that decision making process, and I’m sure some of the other Sega revenue streams keep them propped up and healthy or whatever, but while they strive for whatever middle ground they’re aiming for, so many great franchises from the last few years, the last decade, all the way back to the Genesis and Master System are left to wither on the vine.

Meanwhile Nintendo is still innovating on Mario after all these years, along with Kirby, Smash, Zelda, and Metroid’s on the way back as well. Innovation can often lead to sales. Same goes for nostalgia. Sega has stated recently that they want to revisit some of their old classics, but much like Microsoft, who’s been rather hit or miss in this department in spite of all the lip service, I’ll believe it when I see it.

I want to see it, of course. I want a new iteration of Skies of Arcadia, Eternal Champions, Virtua Fighter, Streets of Rage, All Stars Racing, House of the Dead, Crazy Taxi, Virtua Cop, Virtual On, Shining Force and so many others, but color me skeptical for now.


Activision- for killing Infinity Ward and consequently the call of duty series RIP dedicated servers.

EA- for killing Bioware and consequently Dragon Age RIP interesting story/ dialog choices

Nintendo/Sega for being dbags about fair use with youtube content. Ultimately they shoot themselves in the foot because it’s free marketing for their titles, but it’s still BS.


  1. With the exceptions of Metroid: Other M and Metroid: Federation Force, overall you have little to no problems with Nintendo AS A WHOLE, am I correct?

  2. Personally do you feel that WB Games are seemingly interfering with NetherRealm Studios’ projects/works by any chance? :thinking:

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