What game characters would you like to meet in real life?

Doom Slayer: Going out slaying, executing, ripping, and tearing the demons together.
Death: To be his follower/disciple as one of his Angels of Death.
Bayonetta: Talking to and hanging out together and overall socializing with her.
Nariko: As my martial arts teacher/instructor.
Ori, Naru, and Gumo: Hanging out with them together in the forest and overall socializing with them as my forest companions.

all female DOA characters :hugs: except Marie-Rose :grimacing:

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Because she looks TOO young, I presumed? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue:

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All The Dark Souls bosses… so I can Beat them proper without being limited by that awful character they make me play with…

My Vigor Stat is atleast Three times higher than Mr. So Called Chosen Undead. :triumph:

You do realize most of the bosses are considered god-like beings in the canon, right? There’s a reason most normal people get wiped out moments after they enter the kingdoms.

As for my choices:

  • Beach Ball (Roll Away): It has traveled to locations such as space, Atlantis, and even Hell itself. I’m sure this is a good idea.
  • Duckman Drake (Timesplitters series): An anthropomorphic duck with machine guns, lasers, and rocket launchers. Again, another good idea.
  • Beast Tamer (Disgaea 2): We can train the most powerful monsters to be Lv9999 god-beings.
  • Flora Beast/Alraune (Disgaea 2): If I have to choose just one monster to train it would be this one, since she can basically play a balanced role of long-range sniping, AoE spellcasting, and group healing all at once (and that’s without teaching her new spells). And because she naturally resists magic she can use armor to increase her physical defense while still having good magic resistance. Basically with the right build she becomes a Jack-of-all-Trades.

LoL… if Ashen One can beat them so I can I… he’s really slow.

Now if we were talking about The Bosses in Bayonetta or DMC then that’s a different story because it takes inhuman Protagonist to beat them…

Meanwhile Ashen One gets winded after 3 Swings of his sword and gets fatally stunned when I mosquito so much as looks at him… oh… and the idiot can’t hop over waste high obstacles… call me crazy but I think my fat @ss can do better that. Just give me MLGS and some Arrows and we’re good.

I would want to meet Shang Tsung so i can use magic to steel his powers and travel around the video game worlds steeling the powers and souls of iconic heroes and villains becoming an ultimate god. Then i’d return to the mortal plane and conquer it.

I need to get out more.


ivy from soul calibur. lol reasons are obvious.

wouldnt mind meeting nathan drake either, because i like adventures. gun fights, car chases, climbing stuff? why not. oh and jokes…lots of jokes. my health is going to decline extremely rapidly

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Wolf Link… :smiley: