What FUTURE goals shall we set for KI3?

I for one would love to see more new fighters! What about you all?

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Less bugs/glitches and faster loading times, as well as less clipping from various things like hair and weapons. And for the love of all that is good, please fix Spinal’s feet already @developers!


For a brand new KI game, you mean? I’d say:

-More new fighters without any remixes or guests.
-More polished graphics.
-Easier grind for levels and skins.
-Consistent number of skins / colors / accessories for every character.
-Great retro outfits for all characters.
-Bring back shadow lab and shadow lords.
-Give us a proper arcade mode.
-More consistency with how story is delivered.

Otherwise, keep going in the same style of this game with awesome, imaginative character designs and fun, innovative modes to use them in.


We’re already getting Ultimates so in my honest opinion the game is starting to make things right for realsies

However,without making nit-picky bits about the game:

-More stages for characters if possible.


More new characters
More new stages
More new Stage Ultras
More new cinematic cutscenes

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Remade engine would be great. On release, the visuals were fine but now it kinda looks jank in places.

Better musical Ultras

More diverse themes rather than generic melodies.

A character every month, with his stage, his 3 accessories, his retro, his alt, his ultimate and his theme. I could give 20-25 € every month for this.

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remade engine might mean you have to rpeorgram the entire game, I don’t see that happening. Unless you’re just talking about a new game entirely.


The simplest thing to do is to update the uvmaps on the characters.

An actual story cinematic story mode

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I think LSis our offcial storymode since it’s something the devs put so much time in. But even so it’s waay more probably then a whole new engine. switch.

On that note; I think this can be solved with more movie dossiers for SL.

I just want them to work on it’s presentation. Improve graphics. Give them a rounder look. Fix faces. Change “fight on” screen. Add more customizations, so I’m not stuck with either making jago look like a demon, or a damn bird. demote current character designer to janitor. At least one new human character. Just one is all I ask.

Slick unreal engine / havok / graphical treatment
High end level textures and 3D models
ETA 2018

It could be a game-changer

Why make a new KI? If I didn’t know and someone showed me a screenshot I would believe this game is brand new, it looks great. The systems are already great, the fighters are awesome. Why hit reset? Grow the game that’s here.

People always gave me crap for making duplicate threads but this one seems rather familiar to one I made not to long ago.

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Honestly I don’t even need to post. Just put the Ultimates in and start work on some more stages and the game would be basically perfect.
Add in some KI2 music in practice and Online Training, new skins course, maybe a remastered version of the old games using the new engine, and I would have virtually no complaints :hearts:

Still waiting on that adventure game.

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Right? KI ultimate alliance

I made a quick search, and found at least 4 threads similar to yours, but olders.

This thread is a “duplicate”, but yours was too.

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This thread is by no means a duplicate! This is an updated version from 2017-???. KI3 can only stay alive if only we support it. Nobody wants this game to go the way of Project Spark by next year. :frowning:

What’s this thing about Spinal’s feet? I’ve heard it mentioned before but I don’t know what it is.

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