What EXACTLY would it take to get the missing stages?

Just out if curiosity, exactlty how much money in total would us fans need to make in a community fund, for IG to be able to make the missing stages. Also how much time would it take because that’s a huge factor as well; that’s IF they ever even have time for something like this after season 3 is over. By the way, I’m talking about rash, Mira, RAAM, and eyedol. Astral plane is Gargos stages as far as I’m concerned so he wouldn’t really need one.

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From what we’ve been told it costs “a lot” and is apparently one of the more expensive things when making a character, how much exactly I’d like to know as well. I think a community fund could do it though, lets just say we wanted a stage for all of the remaining 5 characters, guests & Gargos as well. I know most of us would be willing to pay into a community fund AND pay to purchase the stages once they come out, that would be a ton of money for IG & MS to rake in I would think.

Just make the fund a lofty goal, give us a month or so to achieve it and give us a bonus for donations. Like having exclusive sets of character colors that you can only get through the community fund event. People are begging for additional DLC, this ensures that not only do you get to fund more stages but people get content they want. If they put out 3 DLC skin packs, one per season for $10 each most of the hardcore fans would buy all three and anything else they offer up. It wouldn’t even matter it was for a fund, everyone would buy.

There are ways to make this happen, it just depends on how willing the devs are to open up and try with us.


This could be a big ticket seller. I know Shadow Jago worked like a charm, this could work similarly.
Perhaps it could be thematic for the idea that they’d be trying to raise money. Imagine a shining golden Fulgore encrusted with gems, or a royal purple Hisako. Maybe something with money as cloth.
Or perhaps special recolors of Premium Accessories, or even brand new ones! Gimme some shiny cyborg arms for a modern Wulf and I’d throw my wallet at the screen.

Hell, they could delay it/have another fund until after the DE releases and potentially give out Golden Gargos for a limited time.

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I hope they make them, community fund or not. Hell, make each stage have its own community fund, if that’s what it takes.

Have a massive poll so the entire FGC can vote on which character will get the first community funded stage, then make the entire fund for that one stage, so we’ll know how much it costs. Then only make a second fund if the first one is fully funded. Have any extra money that goes over be saved for the next stagem and so on. Let us put our money where our mouths are.

We want stages to remove the half-baked feel Season 3 has given us, we feel stages gave characters… CHARACTER, so let us do it. We don’t care if it’ll cost 4 times more than Shadow Jago. We’ll do it.

Hell, save some money if you’re worried - have cheaper stages for Mira (night variation of Maya stage with more spiders and bats and a nice moon) and Eyedol (variation of Gargos stage), make stages with simpler, less-animated backdrops (just a painted backstage like Thunder with a simple foreground, but without a tornado equivalent). They don’t have to be crazy super-detailed, complex stages like Spinal or Kim-Wu. Make them all simple if they have to. Just make them look nice.

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Exactly, this kind of stuff practically sells itself.

Character colors are somewhat of a low effort cosmetic DLC, its just recoloring a skin and it could rake in oodles of bucks. I like the thematic approach to the skins to, I was thinking they could do them per-season. So there would be a pack of 8-9 skins separated into groups and sold for somewhere between $10 and $15 to support the fund. Hell, maybe they could be themed after the seasons, so the S1 cast gets smoky red skins like the mimics of season 3 and S2 gets blue smoke VFX, who knows?

They could rake in a lot of cash on retro color packs too I think, for all the seasons.

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Maybe something like a “Real Boy Bundle” to get more accessories colors and Shago and Omen. The Text Stream seems to have hinted that may be something we see down the line, and with the Shago army out there it’s bound to be a hit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know a lot of this stuff has been discussed to death and beyond, but it’s still fun to chime in with neat ideas once in a while.

Minimum $300,000.-
Maximum $500,000.-

I would buy any and every DLC for Shago, I just love the design that much.

Its funny, most games I hate when they overproduce DLC but in KI there’s such a lack of additional content outside of the Ultra packs it just leaves me craving more, more, more. I really do think that skin packs are the best route to go though, since making accessories, announcers, etc is way more time consuming for a flavor of the month style DLC.

Long story short though, I want the last 4-5 stages BADLY.

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One thing I had thought of awhile back that perhaps could be a bit of a cheat that they could possibly do to make a stage for everyone would be to make one asset, such as a castle or some other complex that has multiple viewpoints/rooms, and then they would plot out a flat location on said asset and call it a stage. Using the castle as an example: in front of the drawbridge could be one stage, in the courtroom could be another. On the castle walls would be “stage 3”, 4 could be a room inside somewhere with a portal with an image inside relative to whatever guest it was applied to (Battletoads pic for Rash, GOW pic for Raam, etc). If they did this, they could successfully make a stage for everyone with possibly less effort/cost than making 4 or 5 unique stages, and everyone would have their own stage.


There are no missing stages. Some characters just don’t have one lol

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Well…depends…will you do ANYTHING to get them?

For sure. Throw in a color 10/11 for just one character, and watch the overdonating begin.


One thing about these characters that makes stages unlikely, is that two of them are guest characters. For Arbiter, when they licensed him, it probably included his stage in whatever contract they signed. Rash and RAAM however, probably not. Getting them stages would require additional funds just for additional licensing, which is probably why the devs are saying it would be so expensive, honestly I never even thought the guests would get stages anyway, I would be fine with ones for Eyedol and Mira, but the guests I could go without

They didn’t need to license anything. Microsoft owns all of those properties.

21 stages are enough.

A whoooole lotta money.

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I don’t think we could do anything to get a stage for each character. There must be a cutoff point and we are there. Especially if they continued with Season 4 or even just some extra DLC down the road, keeping the tradition of a stage for every character is insane. Astral Plane covers Eyedol as well IMO. A RASH stage from the Battletoads game would be extremely awesome.

I think I remember someone saying that making a stage cost more than it does to make 2 characters. So basically it costs as much as a whole seasons worth of characters.