What ever happened to Gold and Terror skins?

It’s been a long time since we got the packs, almost a month. It’s completely justified if Ultimates are taking the time up, but is there anything else in planned?

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I’ve been wondering this too.

Yeah the focus is on Ultimates ATM. More Gold skins coming


Is it safe to assume that everyone is going to get Gold skins at some point in time?
To add on to that, if the answer is yes, could there be other skin packs around another theme?

In light of the Ultimates response, I wouldn’t assume anything when it comes to potential new content. lol

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Any chance we get a Rukizzel skin for Gargos? Well, since he’s more like a troll, maybe a minion skin would be better…?

Oooh, oooh, and every time he comes out he’s wearing a different pair of shoes!!

And his taunt will say “stay tuned”.


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.



I need to double check the schedule but they are coming.


Since your up late when’s Tuesday update hitting?

Some time in the am.

So I assume terror pack was a one and done whole gold are obviously going to keep going. Any other pack ideas in discussion?

Please daddy cause sadira terror is highly awaited in belgium and france and nederland :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Remember for sadira just keep it sample full body uniform like spiderman with a white and black spider would be enough for us, that would be a furtif terror.:heart_eyes: omg SSSSAAAAADDDIIIRRRAAAA baaaeeee :heart_eyes:

what update?

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Something new comes out every Tuesday

So whats today? Crimson Ram?

Venom sadira would be sick!

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And terror skins?

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Gold fulgore please.