What Edition do I need to get?

So, I have the ULTRA editions of both Season 1 and Season 2, aka I have EVERYTHING from pre-Season 3. What I need is just the Season 3 stuff.

So do I get the ULTRA edition of Season 3?
Or do I get the SUPREME edition of Season 3?
What is the difference, other than the price tags?
Is there a place I can read about this?

ultra gets you all that there is for season 3… you don’t need supreme, supreme is for completely new players, it is ultras for season 1+2+3, the 2 previous classic games, and everything else

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Awesome, thank you. ^^
I wasn’t sure, so I’m glad someone could clear this up for me.

anytime, that’s what a community is all about

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Yeah, you have to get the overpriced ultra edition. Hopefully my season 3 finishes installing before midnight so I can actually play it on the day it released.

I just went with ultra again.