What does the community wants in season 4

Write down here what do you want in season 4?

i would like to see in season 4;

1: a few new characters.
2: an online training mode.
3: an arcade ladder mode (with unlocks depends on what character you play) with bosses season 1 - 3. maybe a season 4 boss.
4: an offline / online team battle mode. (put 2 teams of 8 characters / players against each other).

Thats about it for me. (saving some stuff for season 5) :smile:


If they do decide to do another season ,i would most like to see an online training mode as well.That way friends ,and i can figure out stuff together without killing one another ,and having to start a new match.


Copy and paste from an old post.

Alright, I never played the much of SFIV during its final days. But I did enjoy that they added Red Focus attacks. It uses two bars and has “infinite” Super Armor - it can essentially absorb as many attacks as the user has health. But it can still be beat to throws and Armor Breaking moves.

What if KI had GOLD Shadow Counters? (It’s basically a Red Shadow Counter, you can hold MP+MK to activate it) I think it would be to strong if you had infinite hits of armor though. Maybe it can use two bars of meter, have 2-4 hits of armor max and still be weak to standing heavy normals. I was watching Nicky’s Mira vs @UABass 's Spinal set at Texas Showdown 2017 and it got me thinking. Mira in the hands of a skilled player is pretty nasty. Bass tried to shadow counter so many times, but Mira’s normals and bats are almost too much to pinpoint a shadow counter.

I would also like more accessories for everything.

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More accessories, and some new color options would be nice too , or maybe even a custom color system.

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will Season 4 be release in the next year???

i hope so.
and i forget, i’d love to have a 4th announcer !!!

Everything points to sequel imo, tho I could be wrong of course.

I would like an arcade ladder for season 3 characters and tag-team.

KI2 Music in Training Mode!


A cgi character model overhaul that mirrors what they did with stages in season 3

4-6 characters.
4 new stages.
New online mode.
Shadow skins for all of the cast like shadow jago. These instead of the purple skin shadows we have now.
Polish. Lots of polish.

Nothing points to a sequel at all imo. If there will be a sequel, it’s years away.

4 new characters max. And more quality of life stuff like Ultimates for all, more stages, a 3rd shadow slot, SL expansion, etc.


shadow lords tag team cooperative mode. I guess it’s time to play with friends not against’ em. Up to three new characters. A new modern ui. More colors for mimics and the shadows. Characters like jago and hisako these would be refreshed to have their variations on a single slot like jago-shadow jago and hisako-shin hisako. More stages like up to 30 stages overall. Solve the lacking of ultimates for characters who might been left behind at finishers they don’t get.


More new original KI characters
More new Stage Ultras
More new stages
More new beasts, aliens, monsters, and creatures as well as humanoids
More new Ultimates

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more original characters like creatures, stages, an arcade mode that can be used by every character and honestly an full cinematic story mode, im not the fan of shadow lords at all, but i loved season two rivals

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Recolour some of the old stages to save time and money so everyone can have a stage. Everyone finally gets an ultimate. New 3rd costumes like thunder. 3/4 new guys. Arcade ladder for everyone with an ending and updating of the models.

I’d love to see:

8 New Characters:
-An MMA Grappler type that can take to opponent to the ground for combos
-An old sage type that can steal one move from his opponent
-An female Ultratech executive with a suit, in the Agent Smith / Matrix mold
-A Lovecraftian inspired character
-A Naga / Gorgon / Madusa type
-A djinn type
-An Ichorien
-A Ninja with several different weapons

6 Brand new arenas
-Old Sage
-Lovecraftian / Gorgon

Recolored stages for:
-MMA Fighter (TJ Combo’s stage)
-Ultratech Executive (Aria’s srage)
-Ichorien (Gargos stage)

2 Classic stages brought back for the Ultra Edition:
-Cinder (KI)
-Tusk (KI2)

Character touch-ups: Much like the stage relighting, it’d be great to see all of the characters faces, hair, retros etc get touched up if needed. This would be the big project for the season.

Shadow Lords Story Mode: This would be the big “mode” that’s added. You pick 3 characters and enter Shadow Lords like normal, but only your captain gets to enter this. The story would tell you that thanks to the returning Ichorien on the side of Earth, the minions of Gargos and their foes have battled to a stalemate. To decide the fate of the world, a tournament will be held.

This will open up a 32 character bracket and the story will progress for your character as you progress through the bracket.

However, this will be a canon story, so you might lose, get injured, get killed, your match might be interrupted by a cutscene, you might be switched to a different character, shady stuff will go on between matches as alliances are created and destroyed, you might have vendetta matches that have nothing to do with the tournament but continue the character’s story, and once you finish this mode with every character, it’ll unlock a full “movie” that you can watch featuring recycled cut scenes with exposition dubbed over, actual cutscenes, maybe even just dossiers or other forms of info, but it’ll all tell a full story, in order, of what happens to everyone from the start of the stalemate to the conclusion of this game’s story.

Other additions I’d like to see:

-More outfits for each character, preferably sold in smaller packs.
-A third slot for Shadow Lab
-A new set of “dark” kinda edgy accessories for everyone that can only be purchased with Shadow Points
-New color scheme to replace the purple and green
-New Pre-Match “Fight On” Screen with brief videos of each character in the matchup on either side instead of the character models.
-A Hidden Character: Post-Transformation Cinder (he gets changed back once Aria figures out how to mass produce more obedient Cinder “units” in his story). More of a Shadow Jago type character. Some similar moves, some unique moves, overall plays rather differently from Cinder.
-More Shadow Lords items, missions, and a new dossier for each character.
-Arcade Ladder mode for season’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 with each season’s boss at the top.

Obviously not expecting to get all of this, but the more, the better! :slight_smile:


New characters, no guest characters, no remixes.
A couple of new stages would be nice.
Some more accessory stuff for all characters.
Ultimates for the entire roster.

Some graphical touch-ups and polishing to already existing characters who severely need it.
I know IG has said they won’t touch on DH’s modelwork, maybe they are legally not allowed to do so, but it’s still something I’d like to see happen.