What do you think won't make the cut during Season 3? Community Bundle Suggestions

I guess Eyedol or a full character development for Omen, Retro stages, Ultimates are among the most requested features, that it won’t make the cut during season 3.

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I’m not sure if a full story mode will make the cut and I don’t think every char will have an ultimate. Also I doubt they care about fleshing out Omen, which sucks for me… :confused:

I think they will naturally add accessories for all the chars though.

I am guessing its season 2 mk 2

It would have:

8 characters + Bonus
Kim Wu, Gargos, Tusk and maybe Eyedol
2 guest characters (1 being Rash)
Season 3 story mode (the same as season 2)
New mechanic (Stagger)
2 new modes (I don’t think Tag or tournament mode would make it)
New U.I.

I don’t think humiliations would return (I want them too)
Retro Costumes would remain the same (not revamped)
Omen would look the same
Retro stages won’t make it
Ultimate combos have been de confirmed

I am not tying to sound like a pessimist but its just what I think is likely