What do you think of the new Front Page and Forums?

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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to hear your thoughts and feedback on what you think so far about the new front page blog post system and forums we recently launched.

Let us know about your experience using it!


I think it’s pretty neat! It looks good too. I don’t really use it alot since I’m usually on the forums anyway, but I think it’s a good way to streamline important information. So if I’m expecting news but am busy I’ll check it from time to time to see if news has been added. So yea. Good stuff! I’m sure if someone doesn’t use the forums much can go through the posts to get caught up on important info for sure.

It’s actually neat too. However, the issue with tame words being censored still persists

I’m liking the all-new official Killer Instinct/Iron Galaxy forums very much already :smile:

The new forums have been a somewhat mixed but generally positive experience for me.
The new notifications system is SUPER helpful. Helps promote conversation and keeps things organized. Tagging is a good way to bring in more people.
The experience generally works really well on mobile, though occasionally there’s crazy auto-scrolling when you try to go through a long topic. And quoting can be a pain on mobile as well. Good size and organization on mobile.
PC wise, its a more mixed bag. The interface looks really barebones and is kinda small and hard to read. Could use some larger text and some border art on the desktop version.
The home site is MUCH better than before. More news, character information, better layouts, all sorts of good stuff. Overall though, both the home site and the forums could use some more personality, like border art, the old heading banner with all the hero art, maybe some custom KI emotes…
Oh, and I’m sure that the censorship is going to come up at some point. I think it could use some tweaking, if it stays at all. Generally inoffensive words get bleeped out completely, which is silly. I could understand heavy profanity, but when it effects conversations about game mechanics its a bit ridiculous. Plus,the way it censors things makes it hard to decipher what they meant, especially if it happens to be a 4 letter word. Is it a swear, or is it a simple word that fell victim to scrutiny? The world may never know.

Also, maybe an option to use our own chosen forum name in addition to our gamer tag? I mean, I know there’s a “name” option, but it’s only used in the profile area for the most part. Would be helpful if it were on the post/name/picture area.

Overall though, I generally like the experience. It’s good to be back. Just think it needs some tweaks.

Definitely the biggest issue is the constant forum censoring. It’s stopping a lot of normal conversation from happening. I’ve tried to talk to some of the team about it in various posts but haven’t received a response. Hopefully something can be done about it; I’ve offered to manually cull the censor list if the team is understandably too busy to handle it.

The functionality is good though! Maybe could use a bit more color, though… I like the black background since it’s nice and easy on the eyes, but everything is white, black, or gray. Even just the replay button and links being a different color or something would be kinda cool.


I still don’t get used to the new forum layout, but I guess it’s a matter of time. I suppose that’ll happen when things get moving here again.

I typically jump straight to the forums without landing on the front page, but I can say that the more frequent content updates are appreciated. There’s nothing super special about the layout of the front page, but more attention to providing content is good - even if it’s just little things.

The forum itself is great. It takes some getting used to, but I think is functioning very well.

Functionality is great. I’m personally a fan of the color scheme, it’s very easy on the ol’ peepers. The “like” system has cut down on a lot of “+1” “I agree!” posts, making threads flow a bit easier. Tags are great. Notifications are pretty sweet.

The list of banned words needs some serious adjustment. It’s as though every word that could possibly have a rude or sexual connotation has been targeted, making the standard use of those words impossible without a modification of standard syntax. However, I suspect that you all may have already started this process based on my use of the word “sexual” above being uncensored (it was previously censored in a post on the same topic in the Feedback section).

Other than that, a lot of old threads make it into my recommended threads list; I often will miss the date of the last post, and unintentionally (albeit recklessly) necro a thread.

All in all, really digging it.

I think the home page itself is a HUGE improvement, the old one wasn’t really kept up to date (maybe because you guys were experimenting with the new stuff) and didn’t do much to draw attention, in my opinion.

I liked the S2 forums, and I’m unsure whether the current forums are better. There are a lot of features which I really like, but the censoring and some of the more complex aspects of the current forum could use work. By complex, I mainly mean that there are features which used to be tied to a simple button which now require a different, non-intuitive input, such as polls or quoting.

Obviously there are instructional posts for those things, but the first time user would have to look for those, instead of clicking a button.

no signatures isn’t a good thing and its kinda plain

On the main forums page, the “News” category doesn’t exactly yell “IMPORTANT THING! NEWS ABOUT SEASON 3! READ IT!”

Also in general, things that are stickied can take the place of other new/important topics. Maybe it would be better if it was stickies PLUS three topics.


I don’t really care for this new discourse forum software. I think it’s an overly complicated system. A simple face-lift on the old forums would’ve been enough for me.

these new forums suck ,you cant have signatures or anything

We might have them soon. These forums are always getting worked on and updated.

Not a fan of the forums at all

After using them for a while, I’ve really taken a liking to the new forums. Considering how nice they look now and how easy it is to keep track of what you want to see or have posted in, a lack of signatures is a seriously easy price to pay. I prefer this one over the others.

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I still wish the links were a different color. I have to change how I do links, usually with a giant (CLICK HERE!!!), because if I just sneak a link into my text, it’s almost impossible to know it’s there. Can we really just not change a CSS property so links in text are the Season 3 green color or something? Surely forum software as malleable as this would allow that.

Otherwise, I like the functionality of the new forums.

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