What controllers do you use?


I have a serious problem with controllers in this game. The problem… is they break too fast!
I normally use Dualshock 4’s but they give me problems in the Dpad in less than 6 months.
Which controller do you use that lasts more: Dualshock, Xbox, Arcade?

I’ve changed controllers 3 times in the last 12 months. At this rate i’m going to bankrupt! Lol!

I just sue an xbox One controller.

I was using the Hori Fighting Commander, which is great unless you need to react fast with 3P/3K and are using Combo Assist. I have no idea of its longevity, since I switched to the Hit Box to address the previously mentioned problem.

From what I hear, switching to a fightstick, Hit Box, etc solves the longevity problem and saves you in the long run. Have fun relearning to play though, especially since you have a lot more experience to unlearn than I did.

I’ve had the best luck with a Xbox Elite controller. It still broke eventually, but it took quite some time. It wasn’t a D-pad that failed though, it was a bumper, and it was because my youngest son dropped it a couple of times, so it wasn’t from wear & tear.

I went through several regular XB1 controllers before the elite. I don’t know if they’ve changed the d-pad under the hood on the bluetooth-capable XB1s, but on the original design the underside of the d-pad has little nubs jutting off of each direction, and they press a metal bubble switch…eventually the nubs wear down and it makes hitting downward diagonal inputs near impossible.

If you want real good durability though I’d probably say a fightstick would be the best way to go though, because they are easy to replace parts on…if a direction on the stick goes bad, just swap out the switch for another one.

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I’ve had the best luck with the Xbox elite controller


Te2 fight stick, Xbox controller board home made fight stick by SVC fight sticks…and an Xbox Elite.
Elite ithe way to go, if it breaks they will replace it for free if you know how to get in touch with MS and use their Make it right program.


Elite has the replace functionality which is nice (and would keep you from having to switch from pad-style). If durability and not needing to replace anything is your main concern, then fightstick or hitbox is the way to go.


Still using your hitbox storm?

Paid $200 for it, so yup :joy: