What can KI Learn from Other Games?

You’ve played more than one fighting game. What’s one thing you would like KI to take from another game?

Personally I think what KI can learn from Dragon Ball FighterZ is that presentation can sell a game.

Is it KI’s fault, or M$?

Honestly I think a better question would be what has KI NOT learned from other games in the FGC? It has a little bit of everything, with some more piled on top.

  1. Never stop adding costumes throughout the games lifespan (i.e. DOA5, SF5)

  2. Allow some unique interactions, it gives the characters more of a personality (i.e. MKX, Injustice 2)

  3. Be as flashy and over the top as possible (DBFZ)

  4. Let there be a perfect balance between male and female characters.

  5. Supers, almost every big fighter has them.


Better story modes, arcade ladders (Injustice, Skullgirls, MKX)
More gear and skin options ( Injustice - SFV)

  1. AAA budget like NRS games (that’s more a M$ thing to learn)

  2. Cosmetic microtransactions (I really would not mind it, if it would have kept people’s interest)

  3. Story mode, fleshed out singleplayer content (I personally don’t understand how can you enjoy beating AI in fighting game, but it sells so it’s a must)

  4. 2v2 tag team, but IMO get inspirations from MK9, but balance it. (I personally don’t like MvC style of team fights, there is so many special effects my eyes burn)

  5. Unique interactions between cast, but also done smarter. Dialogues in MK and Injustice are cool and all, but from 90% of them are filled with such hostility… Villains hate each other, Good guys hate each other, what is even the point…

“I can break every bone in your body”

“No one needs you here”

“I will teach you respect”

“You break my heart, I will break your face”


Other games can learn how to make good balance and kickass soundtrack.

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KI Could learn to be on more platforms…

Treating the cast equally in terms of costumes, colours, accessories, stages and ultimates.
After playing sfv’s new arcade mode is something id want like that for all characters. We still don’t have any answers for the S3 cast and what happened to the rest of the game.

Don’t get me wrong SL mode is brilliant but it still needs more.

An actual engine that can cope with more. They toned down/removed particles and the stages can’t cope with ultimates.

I’d do away with the accessories and just make costumes, that way we could have more for each character.

Design stuff for each of the characters properly, the orchid accessories bar her standard stuff are awful.

Give the game a proper budget like I2 or SFV. No more half assed approach.

Selling a fully-priced game with half of the roster being DLC probably isn’t going to be well received.