What are your video game visions AND ideas?

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Sounds a little too dark, don’t you think?


But this is the Doom Slayer we are talking about here :confused: :sunglasses:

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He’s got a point… Sounds like Doom Slayer right down to a T.

Also… @KIFANATIC8488 I’m not entirely sure what is we’re suppose to be “envisioning” ? It seems alil Vague… more direction please ! :slight_smile:

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@Lulekani 1. Your OWN video game worlds according to your OWN visions as well as imaginations basically :wink: :slight_smile:
2. Your very OWN ideas too for YOUR video game universes.

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No offense, but the idea just sounds like They Live: Doom Edition. No thanks.

In the case of the topic though, that’s actually really hard to think of since pretty much every good idea has been done to death. Gonna have to check back later I guess, just in case…

  1. They Live: Doom Edition? :confused:
  2. You are a fan of the Doom series and overall a Doom fan, yes?
  3. Couples overall (including newlyweds and dates as well as romantic partners) are ALL actually demons (and zombie demons) disguised as human beings through hellish, demonic magic, you know that right? :expressionless: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You aren’t really going to try and do this on the forums after what happened on Twitter, are you? If you are, my advice still stands, get some help.

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@NitricZenith 1. I thought you’re a fan of the Doom series and overall a Doom fan, no? :confused:
2. It’s really true: They ARE demons disguised as humans through demonic, hellish magic.
3. He must slay, execute, rip, and tear them ALL for he is the Doom Slayer :sunglasses:

One idea I have is a pretty strange one. A group of astronauts go into space to a distant planet. However they come across a wormhole and get sucked in. They are sent to a new planet, one where they do not know of a way to get back. This new planet is filled with creatures mostly enhanced with mechanical parts, barely any wildlife, and massive amounts of pollution.

The astronauts have a hard time communicating with the inhabitants of this planet. Yet the inhabitants here act kind to them. Despite the technology of the astronauts being behind that of this planet, the inhbitants treat the astronauts with respect.

As you explore the world, you start to notice something odd about this world. Something familiar. Then you come across something that resembles a ruined Statue of Liberty. This planet is Earth. Only 3000 years in the future. Humanity depleted Earth’s resources. Language has drastically evolved. Humans augmented themselves so much with mechanical parts they are hardly recognizable.

If I could make a video game, this is what I would do. You have a world that’s feels new but then you have some connections to the world we live in. What we might eventually become.


I am yes, but I can’t be on board with your bizarre fantasy. Married couples and lovers have nothing to do with the fictional Doom universe, which is very much about killing demons that actually look like demons, not people.

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@KIFANATIC8488 original post reminds me of an old horror movie. i forget what it was called, Night of the Demons? but someone goes into a church with a 12 gauge and starts blasting away the nuns and people in there and lights the place up with gasoline. the only difference is the setting. but his idea is exactly the same, they were all demons in disguise. its pretty close to a They Live vibe, has an 80s flair to it. his articulation makes it sound worse than it is i do have to admit LOL.

anyway my idea for a game, is simple. a Predator game. yes another predator game. the last movie was horrible so im pretty upset about it. also its been forever since we have had a decent pred game to begin with. so basically its like this and ive written about it before many moons ago.

you create your predator, name him, choose a clan, choose his background (is he from nobility, is he a commoner), give him his stats, customize the dreadlocks, markings, whatever. every choice alters how your characters built, and each clan has different bonuses, temperament modifications to stats, like maybe if you go with one clan youre more susceptible to goin berserk, maybe you’re clan choice is more about honor and going hand to hand VS specific enemies? it could also be one clan loves to melee more, maybe another is all about ninja stealth, or one favors long ranged kills for example.

you start the game as a young blood, in training. typical oh hi welcome to the game blah blah blah. then you go on your first hunt as a rookie to go kill some xenomorphs and you get “blooded”. you get your clan marking and then you can start your climb to glory. you get to join a hunting party in a ship, throw in some RPG elements, a plot, whatever. you go from planet to planet hunting wild life or the occassional xenos or colonial marines.

basically, you’ll eventually rise in power to lead your own hunting party, by recruiting other predators, and maybe throw in a bit of management like in other RPG games like final fantasy tactics or something like that, or disgaea. you can upgrade your ship’s holdings, barracks, engines, weapons, cloaking, radar/scouting devices to see whats worth killing.hey look, this planet’s got A+ class prey to hunt, that’ll rake in glory and currency to build up with.

glory makes your rank go higher, and with that comes warframe style tests. we could stick to the comic book lore and have it where you pick 2 of your best, then you 3 have to go and kill an entire hive of xenomorphs including the queen herself within minimum of 100 head count, or change it up. its known that predators who survive such ordeals are complete and total badasses. the tests climb higher in difficulty until you reach the rank of elder. so it can be changed up to better suit the current generation of gamer where not everybody appreciates grueling levels of difficulty seen in From Software’s games.

the sky’s the limit here, idk why nobody has ever done this ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ before. the alien and predator franchise has been floundering, but its so ■■■■ good to let just let it remain within the confines of darkhorse comics and mediocre games. this game could even be session based like warframe in terms of multiplayer, or just play the single player campaign.


A Batman “Battle Royale” game.

You basically control an average night in Gotham City. One player gets to be Batman. One player gets to be Nightwing, Robin, etc. Other players also control the villains. Each with their own gang made up of hundreds of other players. Other heroically inclined players can help Batman and co by filling the ranks of the GCPD. And some people can control freelance villains like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Killer Croc who can side with anyone at any time for whatever reason their player wants. The matches last until the dawn and the winner is determined by how many criminals were locked up or how well the villains completed their thematically appropriate objective. And there can be multiple villains active at once. And it’s not just you get knocked out and you loose. The Heroes and GCPD actually have to arrest and contain criminals. And those criminals could still break out. I think it could be a really fun idea.

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I have a few ideas:

The first being a sort of GTA in space. Sure, we’ve had open world space games like Mass Effect No Mans Sky and what not, but I haven’t really seen something with the freedom of GTA or Red Dead in space. I’d like to see one that’s sort of a mixture of Star Wars and perhaps a much seedier vision of Blade Runner.

You go to the darkest reaches of space, meet the shadiest characters and do all sorts of shady business as you straddle a line between good and evil, and it’s all set against this backdrop of an interplanetary war.

You as the player see the real fallout from this war and how it effects characters and the story slowly draws you in to the conflict. Through the story, you’re given the option switch sides multiple times, battle with a variety of space weapons and fight both on the planets or in space battles, with seamless integration between the two (aka the Battlefront dream lol).

You can also try to profit from the war through various legit, morally gray or outright criminal activities via side missions. The narrative would be crafted around your decisions and there would be real consequences, with the ultimate goal of either ending the war as a savior, or rising up through the ranks on one side and ultimately taking control.

But how you get there, the side missions you choose to do or ignore, the friends you choose to make and possibly betray, the myriad of games you can play and distractions you can occupy yourself with… all of things you could do on these worlds, well… A lot of that would be a meld of GTA, Star Wars and Mass Effect, I suppose, only darker and perhaps grittier, with a wide array of complex themes explored throughout.

Another idea I’ve always had floating around kinda takes its cue from Eternal Champions. I’d love to have a fighting game set in some sort of afterlife, where the contestants get the opportunity to fight for the right to live again.

The characters would have certain powers and abilities based on heightened versions of who they were in life, so perhaps there’s a wiccan character that’s an all out witch, an undertaker that becomes this sort of necromancer, a kung fu student in life becomes a mystical martial arts master, a murderer becomes an actual monstrous creature and so on. Yes, I’d want this game to be rather dark and sinister as well.

But I’d also want the story to really dive deep in to these characters; who they were in life; the bad, the good, and all the gray area in between, what death has been like for them and how they mourn their own passing. I’d like to present the characters desire to live again in the form of the connections they lost when they passed away and sort of drive home that emotional impact and make the players want their character to win and connect with them.

Or perhaps their motivation isn’t simply lost love, but also revenge or the need for a second chance due to a wasted first life or the need to set things right that were wrong when they died or help someone they couldn’t help before or solve the mystery of their own murder or several other possibilities.

I’d want these characters to interact a lot with one another, form friendships, relationships and bonds, perhaps even factions. I’d want them to betray one another, sabotage one another, interrupt fights, blindside unsuspecting opponents before matches and try to figure out who’s pulling the strings behind this tournament, where they are, how they got there, who has the power to grant them life again, is it a real offer and so on and so forth.

I’d also want to really explore the world that they find themselves in and what the dead are like there. I’d want the place to really have a culture and a story behind it that’s both dark and mysterious as well as awe inspiring and perhaps a bit tragic; a sort of fallen gothic paradise.

As for the fighting, like I said, I’d want characters to have powers and abilities that stem from who they were in life, but I’d also want all of them to be more or less twisted, shadowy wraith versions of their living selves. Not twisted as in grotesque, but more so a version of themselves that’s more heightened, magical and powerful.

I’d like to see a fighting system that has a lot of flow to it, with each character having the ability to escape combos, break combos, reverse combos in to combos, deflect attacks ala Soul Calibur, catch counter, counter throw, throw escape, counter throws in to throws, escape those throws etc so the actual hand to hand stuff feels more constant and intense; like a battle in a kung fu movie.

But you’d also have the more fantastical elements like projectiles, teleports, powered up specials and supers and every character, due to being a wraith, would have the ability to alter their forms in ways that fit their character theme so fists could become dragon heads biting or swords spinning like helicopter propellers and weapons could materialize out of their bodies etc but none of it would look silly or cartoony.

So yeah, one part Mortal Kombat, one part perhaps a darker version of Darkstalkers, with a speed and fluidity like Dead or Alive, the combo options / reactions of Killer Instinct and Tekken and a deeper, more emotional story loosly inspired by the structure of Eternal Champions.

Simple, right? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah and a Batman fighting game. I would LOVE a fighting game centered completely around him, his allies and his rogues gallery with a deep, mysterious story.

Last one, a Game of Thrones / Song of Ice and Fire fighting game. How this hasn’t happened yet is beyond me. I feel like this franchise was made for a genre like this. A much darker version of Soul Calibur, with some characters having powers (like Melisandre and Thoros, for example), others using champions to fight for them, and it could all be wrapped up in a George R.R. Martin-esque story about a great tournament and all the intrigue happening within and around it.

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the GTA in space game sounds really awesome as does the fighting game. you could be an intergalactic arms dealer and sell guns to the highest bidder or even arm up rebels who are in between the chaos of the war that has broken out. that’d be really fun to play all sides like that, and in turn cause the power balance to shift on whatever side. hell yeah, if only we were code monkeys lol

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Exactly! You could participate in the war and help turn the tide and/or exploit the war for your own personal benefit. Maybe even build up your own racket, ring, mafia or whatever. I think there are a lot of ways you could go with your character that could introduce a huge variety of gameplay options, minigames, story trees, etc to you.

I just like the idea of a GTA in space, where you see the seedier underbelly of these alien worlds. Sure, you hear about it at times in movies like Star Wars and you see some of it in Mass Effect 2 especially (playing through that one now for the first time and freakin love it) but really participating in it and exploiting it? I think that’d be interesting from a narrative perspective, and also kinda fun from a gameplay perspective.

But I also like the idea of seeing consequences to both the war (which tends to get overlooked in most war-based games) and to your actions. I think that those could be some compelling themes to explore if handled properly.

Thanks for the feedback man!

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I don’t know if such a game exists, but I would love to see a racing game where you can pick different types of drivers, vehicles/and or creatures. Like, it would be a racing game, only you can have the option of riding a motorcycle, car, rocket, horse or something so out there like Santa’s sleigh, dinosaur etc, with each vehicle/creature/whatever containing their own unique traits and weaponry. Kind of like “Mario Racing” meets “Twisted Metal” with some KI thrown in, if that makes any sense.

Dude, that sounds awesome! I love that idea! Or maybe like an interstellar version of “Hitman” with you playing as an intergalactic assassin?

Other ideas - a time travel-based fighting game with characters from different time periods with abilities based on some aspect of time manipulation. Maybe a horror fighting game where both players are able to recover their own health by preying on the other through long combo chains? Personally I would love to see the limb-loss mechanic from “Time Killers”/“BloodStorm” make a return, if not made better. Like, perhaps after losing limbs it modifies how your character plays and gives access to different kinds of special moves? Maybe a limb recovery/replacement mechanic?

Another would be a “Resident Evil”-based Battle Royale with various BOWs, like a mix of old and new.

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One idea for a “Resident Evil” game is taking the concept of “Resistance” and making it a bit more expansive and community-driven. Like, they not only play and design survivors and/or weapons, but also BOWs, Masterminds, maps, traps, etc. Maybe even having different camera styles (over the shoulder, fixed camera, or first person). Like recreating the Hive from the RE movie or having the ability to modify existing maps, loadouts and/or characters/creatures to make the experience even more unpredictable with each playthrough.