What are your KI nitpicks?

You know, those little quirky things about KI that personally bother you but may not be a huge deal in the long run. Something that if it were fixed it might go a long way for you personally but probably doesn’t really matter to the majority of the populace? All those petty little things that don’t seem big but when stacked up drive you bonkers till the late hours of the night.

Just a topic for discussion, I want to hear what “little” things bug everyone about KI, what your personal grievances are with the state of the game and what minor changes could improve the overall KI experience for you.

Mind you, this is a safe place to vent about what is getting you down in KI so don’t attack anyone’s opinions or their personal nitpicks. Maybe if we’re lucky the devs might take notice and fix some of the more minor and easy to remedy nitpicks we post.

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T.J and Maya’s Animations
The story
No Arcade mode for S2/S3
No Ultimates
No Eyedol
No Humiliations

yeah that’s it…oh wait you said little things


I can agree with most of those, I have a lot.

  • No zoom feature in “dress-up” room for character accessories.
  • No KI2 music in the training menu
  • Glacius color 9’s hands and feet are clear, revealing missing bones not meant to be seen.
  • Retro Aganos’ legs have no joints, he’s held up by a set of stretchy ropes…
  • Retro Glacius turns completely transparent when using his ice armor instinct mode.
  • Numerous aesthetic character flaws and glitches.
  • Shadow Jago & Omen don’t get retro costumes.
  • Shadow Jago has no accessories.
  • Omen doesn’t have a full set of accessories & colors.
  • Retro characters don’t have a full set of 9 colors.
  • Omen’s rehashed animations bug the piss out of me.
  • Omen doesn’t have a full set of achievements like everyone else.
  • Pretty much all of the stage ultra animations need a lot of work.
  • Season 2’s story basically invalidates season 1’s story.
  • Season 1’s story never got an update and probably never will.
  • Shadow Jago’s ladder art isn’t his awesome hero art.
  • Glacius’ hero art is just a crappy screenshot of him facing sideways from a pre-release build…
  • No character specific dojo lessons.
  • Eyedol probably won’t be in season 3.
  • The possibility of more lame shadow characters.
  • Only three stages in season 3.
  • We will probably never get retro stages if character stages are to much trouble.
  • Character tracks being separated from stages in season 3.
  • Rash has no Zitz or Pimple accessory sets.
  • “Shadow Jago is the only character with an ultimate in the game”
  • Still no additional costumes/accessories for season 1&2 cast.

Not much but my nitpicks

  • No ultimates
  • Too many “directional input” (quarter circle) characters
  • Certain cast animations
  • Slow Ultras
  • No Dojo mode for all characters
  • S3 Wulf mechanics

Well, I’m not happy with the black silhuettes on the character select screen. I would like to see how the characters look like before having to pick them.

I kinda miss Orchid’s KI2 “Forward + Heavy Kick” command attack where she does a double roundhouse. The “Whiplash” is pretty cool though. Also, I kinda miss Orchid’s “Spinning Swords” special move from KI1 as well.

Sabrewulf’s retro alt still looks like a shaved rat. It’s not pretty. And Sadira’s hair glitch through her breasts in her winpose, and generally doesn’t look very good.

I’d like for Ultimates to return. Those were cool.

Doesn’t seem like Tusk will have dark face paint around his eyes in either his main or retro costumes. Hopefully it will be an accessory.

Would’ve wanted Orchid’s retro alt to be her KI2 costume instead of her KI1 one. Also, would’ve wanted her weapons to be the tonfas instead of the batons.

Orchid’s retro alt weapons look like plastic toys that glow. They are not good looking.

Would’ve liked a cinematic Story Mode. I understand why we won’t get it, but it would still be cool.

Since we won’t get a cinematic Story Mode, I at least wish the Season 1 characters would get the same Story Mode treatment as the Season 2+3 characters got.

I don’t like the guest characters and I don’t care for Shadow Jago.

… I think that’s it for now… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guess I’m too busy playing…

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I’ve only got a few. I’m generally easy to please.
-Shadow Jago’s neutral pose not matching his select screen pose
-Not being able to choose the color of my Shadow
-Not being able to cycle from picture to picture in the photo viewer
-No Zoom in the Customization screen

So far in S3 my only real gripe is the current state of the new Level 4 effects, but I’m going to withhold some of my judgement for now. Otherwise I’m rather pleased overall, even with some of the subjects people tend to be less favorable on (retros, TJ and Maya, faces, guests, etc). My nitpicks are minor enough that I’m still having fun playing the game and they’re generally easy enough to ignore.


[quote=“Zcythe, post:6, topic:6298, full:true”]
Guess I’m too busy playing…
[/quote]Please keep the off-topic discussion to a minimum.

I forgot about that one, that bugs the heck out of me.

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Please do that.

Forgot about that, that’s a good one.

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The fact that colored accessories don’t match character colors. Seriously it’s like “oh, hey they made a blue variant of this accessory, that character has a blue color, surely they’ll go well together… oh, clashing shades of blue. Nevermind.”


Yeeeah, the colored accessories in general are pretty odd. I kinda wish that they had let them change colors WITH the selected color so they match every single skin.


I fully agree with the “no Eyedol” nitpick!

  • The fact that modern Jago cannot use retro Jago swords; and the like.

  • Default and premium accessories don’t get alternate colours.

  • Here’s a very me specific one: Shadow meter being at the bottom of the screen by default, thank god options let me fix that, but it is still annoying when watching tournaments.

  • Again a just me one: The fact that heavy punch/kick is not used for heavy linkers. I’ve been playing since launch and I STILL end my combo’s by accident the MAJORITY of a time. I am probably the only killer level player using combo assist just because it fixes this issue, though it also prevents me from doing Jago’s around the world doubles…

  • Similar specials having opposite inputs: For example: Orchid’s quarter circle FORWARD slide kick and Omen/Shago’s quarter circle BACK slide kick. I had to stop playing Orchid completely because I kept inputting the wrong direction when I switched from one character to the other.


I thought I had read a long while ago that they were looking into making retro and modern accessory sets interchangeable, though that might be hard given the model changes and how some costumes accessories use different attachment points than the others.

Glitched leaderboards, and spectated lobby matches saving as replays.

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There are a few nitpicks I have, but not many, and most have already been said. Well, at the start of a fight, you can skip the opening animations, but not the victory ones. Some characters have much longer animations like Riptor, and others have really brief (but cool) animations like Jago. If the victory animations become able to be skipped, only the victor should be able to do it! But not being able to skip it is fine. Also… this game is pretty bloody. I know most people wouldn’t care, but it looks wrong to me if a single punch causes a mini explosion of blood. I would personally like to disable it, (you can in both KI Classics) but it does not affect the gameplay at all, so whatevs. I know there are others who would do so as well. Another thing. With combo assist on, pressing two punch or kick buttons causes you to do a shadow linker. If you attempt to do a shadow ender and fail, or perhaps push more than one button accidentally, you use your meter when you don’t want to. An option to disable auto shadow linkers would be good, but combo assist is more for learning the game, and I do not see it as a permanent thing, because it makes certain moves like Cinder’s Third Degree impossible. So that would not be necessary.

Edit: I just changed the post so that it would be more clear on what I mean.

-No zoom feature in accessory customization (it was there in S1, why remove it?)
-Tj and Maya poorly animated
-Tusk’s character model lacking detail (especially when compared to the other S3 characters)
-Various clipping issues mostly with hair (Sadira, Maya, Orchid, Wulf)
-3 stages debacle
-S1 retros
-I really hate 90% of Retro costume accessories
-Kim Wu’s fitness top and bridal corset accessories go over her jacket instead of replacing it and it just looks so weird to me

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  • The new Shadow moves not having after images.
    Noticed in the latest build that they tried to emulate the swirls on the old shadow moves but failed miserably. Looks like they took a photoshop brush and got a choppy result.

  • The font on the Season 3 V in “Vs”

  • Omen

  • Shadow Jago having every tool under the sun

  • Kan Ra players

  • Most of the Retro costumes and Acessories
    They could have modernized the costumes but instead it appears/looks like they chose to make them intentionally look dated and with less effort.

  • Sadira has no viable accessories and retro sucks. Her instinct webs are also uninspired.

  • Maya is a pretty cool character but her moves look uninspired.
    Wish she had a more primal animalistic hunter stance and combat.

  • The game overall is trying to be really safe and conservative.
    No racey rated R content and am sure Orchid is probably going to be significantly downgraded in a sequal to be more PG. No mercies are probably never going to happen because rated T.

  • Ultimates, liked how they looked originally with Shadow Jago.
    Then they cheapened the Ultimate by adding a black background and then threw dirt in its eyes by making it a repeat of Annihilation only looping several times.

  • A lot of recycled animation.
    I can live with most of it but certain ones are so Janky and painful to watch. Thunders new drop kick from across the stage looks so bad.

  • TJ’s default look
    It looks so bland omg why Keits. His accessories save him. His Retro is my favorite.

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The character pictures in the select screen in season 3 need to be a liktle zoomed out more.

No full fledge story mode.

The story mode has too long load times.

Season 2 select screen is laggy but i guessed its fixed for season 3?

Omen and shago need just as many accessories as everyone else.

Not sure yet but i think the shadow moves look better from season 1/2.

Only 3 stages for season 3.

No pick your own theme : switching back to season 1 or 2 menus/character select screen.

No create your own color mode.

Really id just be happy for a full fledged long story mode with cutscenes :confused: