What are your favorite themes from Season 3?

  • Rash Theme
  • Kim Wu Theme
  • Arbiter Theme
  • Tusk Theme
  • Mira Theme
  • Gargos Theme
  • General RAAM Theme
  • Eyedol Theme

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Eyedol has one of the best themes in the game imo. Kim wu and tusks are both great too.

Every theme is great in this season.

Really love the work they did

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Really like the S3 OST roster.

Have a preference for Kimmy tho.

It’s really hard to pick, they are all so good!

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I went with Mira, Tusk and Kim Wu. I don’t know a lot of things about music, so I won’t try to explain why I like these three particularly.

I don’t mind Rash outside of the game. Ingame, though, I don’t choose this music because, in my opinion, it does not work with the stages.

I went with Arbiter, Tusk, and General RAAM. Arbiter is just a big love letter to the Halo fans and it has the identity of the franchise ingrained in the song. Tusk’s is a masterpiece. Really captures the warrior aspect of the big, brutal swordsman. The choir, the drums, the guitar, everything. General RAAM’s a really good, too. It really captures the character of RAAM himself: threatening, giant, hope-killing war master. I especially love the “chorus” part of the song that plays when you get 16 hits in a combo.

In general, I love all of Season 3’s songs. The retro re-imagining of Rash, the high energy of Kim, Mira’s haunting and evil horror, Gargos’ straight up metal to the death, and Eyedol’s synthesized horror theme (which was really close to making it in my top 3).

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I love all of them. My least liked ones are Mira`s and RAAM.

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For all of the talk about how the music would be after Mick Gordon left, I thought that the music turned out really well for season three. My favorites were Eyedol, Arbiter, and Tusk, though it was VERY hard to choose.

I liked Eyedol & Mira themes, they remind me of the classic KI OST … also I would like to hear Tusk theme remixed without rock

I really enjoy Tusk, Rash, Arbiter and General RAAMs themes.

I know a lot of people dislike RAAMs theme, but think about the game he comes from (Gears 1). How atmospheric and dark that game is. The music is kind of just “there” and really moody. At least until that awesome combo theme comes in.

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kim tusk.

the exploration was bleak in most of the season 3 themes.

Eyedol and Rash for me, generally enjoying the less metal-y themes as I felt the genre had already been explored to metallic perfection in Season 1 and 2.

Eyedol and Tusk. Tusk’s may me my fav in the entire game, all seasons included.

Eyedol…his is awesome.

…plus I have no way myself of confirming this, but I’m still fairly certain I’m the reason why Atlas Plug & Celldweller did that whole “no guitars” challenge with his theme. At least that’s the story I’m telling until I hear otherwise. :sunglasses:

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I hate that you’re making me choose 3 but Rash, Tusk and Raam for me. With Kim, Arbiter and Gargos being close to the top. Well, closer. I like listening to Mira’s and Eyedol’s but not as much as the others.

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I customised the Tusk theme to have an extended combo version, working in the official album chorus and distorting it slightly to fit seamlessly. I listen to it on repeat and imagine all sorts of barbarian asshattery.

Personally on Tusk I would have perferred something more akin to his original theme just with an actual orchestra instead of MIDI. I mean what he has is ok, but his original theme was more epic.