What are you watching?

I thought since there’s a thread about “what are you playing?” and “what are you listening to?” that it might be good to also have a thread about what movies & tv shows we’re watching.

Keep in mind on this thread it’ll likely be hard to keep everything spoiler-free on every aspect, so check this thread out at your own discretion. You’ve been warned.

On the other hand, try to keep others in mind when you post stuff, and use spoiler tags where necessary.

Anyway, first up: my wife & I watched the new Ghostbusters movie last night…IMHO it wasn’t half bad, but all the meta-humor regarding the criticisms of the movie was BEYOND PAINFUL. If they had simply taken the high road and left it all out, it would have been a good movie.

The girls in the movie themselves, it seemed like apart from Melissa McCarthy’s character the other 3 were oddly exact polar-opposites to their original counterparts:

Vankman never took anything seriously/ Gilbert takes everything seriously
Egon was as dull as a rock/ Holtzman is eccentric
Winston was laid back & easy going/ Patty is loud & obnoxious

& oddly it seems to work well. Go figure.

Anyway, IMHO it wasn’t the garbage fire the net let on like it was going to be, but like I said, the call-outs to the criticisms within the movie was still BEYOND PAINFUL. And poor Bill Murray. The 2 short scenes he had you can tell they dragged him into the movie just for his “seal of approval” and in turn they used it to slap fans of the original in the face, hard.

But yeah, all in all, I’d give the movie a “meh”. It’s ok, but if you watch it don’t go out & spend too much money on it.

I finally watched Suicide Squad the other night and loved it, just another reason why I don’t value the opinions of critics anymore. That movie and BVS were universally hated by critics and I loved both. As I expected, Harley stole the show, no surprise there. I loved her in the movie and thought Margot Robbie did surprisingly well. Oh, and Leto’s Joker…even with his minimum screen time ill take his Joker over Ledger, Nicholson (of who i am a fan of btw) and Romero’s any day of the week. I loved the look, the personality, the mannerisms, just everything about him was awesome IMO. I know they said Harley is getting her own spin -off but id like to see it be a Harley and Joker spin off. I need more of those 2 and their shenanigans lol

I am also currently working on Ash vs Evil Dead season 2, and I have some anime series I am watching/keeping up with too like Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, and a few others.

Ash vs Evil Dead is really good IMO, if I am being completely honest I can say I already like it more than Army Of Darkness and possibly Evil Dead 2 as well (Lol if I was on a horror forum id get flagged for saying such things :joy: )

Trying out new shows - Designated Survivor, Speechless, Lethal Weapon, and Timeless are all fun to watch.

Probably going to dive in to Stranger Things this weekend. Been DVRing Westworld, so I’ll probably give that a shot this weekend too.

As for what I’ve actually watched, the election made me want to go back and binge The West Wing again, so I did that. Other shows I’ve been enjoying:

Penny Dreadful
Mr. Robot
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Law & Order: SVU
Garbage Time with Katie Nolan
New Girl
Brooklyn Nine Nine
Big Bang Theory
Modern Family

The last two are largely my lady’s preference, as it’s been a while since I’ve really enjoyed either of them.

As for movies, I don’t tend to watch as many as I’d like these days, which is a shame because I used to watch a ton of movies.

Last one I saw was Girl on the Train. It was okay. I read the book and thought it was a lot better, but if you liked Gone Girl, it might be worth a watch. Also plan to watch Crimson Peak again some time around Halloween. Used to watch The Crow and Sleepy Hollow around this time of year, but I’ve seen both so many times that I kinda need to give them a break. Any other good Halloween movies anyone would want to recommend?

Also looking for a good mystery. Love those!

Finally watched Zootopia last weekend. I really liked it. :slight_smile:
Otherwise me and the girlfriend usually stick to anime and horror flicks, usually taking the piss out of it the whole time. We’ve been watching Sailor Moon and the dub of Ghost Stories for no other reason than for ■■■■■ and giggles.
I also picked up a new show called Nanbaka that looks like it’s from the same people who did the One Punch Man anime. That means it’s absolutely insane, which is good.

I also have a bit if a personal itch for nature documentaries. Ran through Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Life Story all in the last few weeks. Makes a great sleep aid.

Otherwise I don’t really watch a lot of stuff outside of YouTube videos. I prefer listening to music and playing games.

I just finished Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and they were great. Right now, I’m thinking of watching another anime series, so if anyone wants to recommend anything to me, you’re welcome to.

Jojo’s bizarre adventure!

When did the 1st season start? I know there’s like an OVA or two, but when did the series start?

Started watching Samurai Pizza Cats!

Oh! Also gonna be getting back into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure when the Toonami debut hits!

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Just watched the 1st episode of Frequency - it was good.

Been watching Shin Godzilla in theatres every single night. It’s rare we get a Japanese Godzilla movie in theatres over here and its only here for one week so I’m making the most of it!

Been watching Dragon Ball Super, Designated Survivor, and Westworld, and I’ve really been enjoying them.

Nothing really I game more then I watch. Although I want to finish Gotham, Daredevil, get RWBY season 3, rewatch transformers prime, watch The last kindgom (looks good), then just whatever piques my interest at the time.

I could (again) go for a TV series based on things like Destiny, Another Transformers, KI, Paragon, Metal Gear Solid. Things like that. I’d watch those. Street Fighter too.

Part 1 and 2

Part 3 - Season 1

Part 3 - Season 2

Part 4 - Ongoing

When you finished watch whole parts. Then what’s next? You can reading Jojo part 5 - 8 manga!


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No problems.

Found this: http://coub.com/view/fg7cf

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Lol! XD

Have you seen the Combiner Wars web series? It’s kinda short, but good.

No I have not. YT I presume?