What are you playing?

I picked up Greed Fall last night… its looking great so far! Very As Creed/ Bloodborne like… very cool story and idea.


@FallofSeraphs76 Where do you find the time to play all of this?? :joy:

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Gears 5. Love the saga, but there are many things that make the game different regarding gameplay, and not in a good way. Current maps aren’t nice, but that can improve with better maps. Mechanics are harder to change since the core play will be pretty much the way it is (it’s not GoW 4, nor 3…it’s weird).
But the most problematic thing in the future will be the netcode, which is inferior to GoW 4. What a shame.

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Hi Maru!
Long time no see. How are you?

Sorry off topic :smile:

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As evidenced by my last few posts being in the Monster Hunter thread, I’ve been playing a bunch of Iceborne lately. I think I’ve made it a fair chunk of the way through the story. It’s rather fun so far, and there’s lots of new Monsters to hunt/new gear to make out of them. Highly recommend it.

I’ve also been playing some Minecraft with my wife and another friend of ours. It’s one of those games that will always have that bit of fun, relaxing appeal to me, especially when playing with friends.

I’ve tried out a few other things. Dying light was fun. Lots of running and smacking as expected.

Mothergunship has a pretty cool “craft your own gun” deal that results in some crazy stuff.

Crossout is a little craftable derby car of death game similar to World of Tanks. It can be hit or miss.

Beat Quake not long ago, running through Duke 3D in my spare time because classic shooters make me smile.

Hi Bojima!

I’m fine, just been busy. I’m going to my boyfriend’s place to celebrate my B-day next week. I might play some KI there as well, lol :smile: (just gotta love playing offline!).

Despite Gears 5 negative stuff I’m still hyped about the game. I enjoyed the campaign in the end and also the new soundtrack is kind of cool (main theme is quite nice).

Hope you are doing good as well :blush:

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3 hours a day after work and then satruday and sundays about 5-6 hours? I never finish any games thats how! lol

Blasphemous!!! Its absolutely amazing! For a Metroid-Vania game inspired by Bloodborne/Dark Souls and Italian Christian theology… its just beautiful!
You guys have to play this game if you like Bloodborne and Dark Souls… the lore and story cinematic, ideas, art…its just EPIC!

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I can see why you like it, given your interest in metal music etc. but I just can’t deal with the aesthetic of this game. So I’m going to skip it - although I’m sure the gameplay is great.

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I think at some point in time I saw gifs from early builds of this on Twitter - but I could be wrong, it might be a different game. It does look good though, and it’s one I’ll keep on my radar.

I’ll give it a look. I like the fact that the pixel art actually looks like art. It’s one of the big separating factors between a good pixel art aesthetic vs the 8 bit stuff.

Plus it looks dark and messy, which is usually a good sign.

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been playing blasphemous, great game so far. but jeez, its a ■■■■■■■ miserable, dark, grimy, and bloody game lol. i think they shouldve opened with “abandon all hope ye who enter here” before you get to the start up screen. the gameplay is solid, and is quite challenging if you arent careful.

you definitely cannot rush or just try to “go through the motions”, thus it can be punishing depending how far you get and then you die. you gotta be equally patient and methodical all over again, or its back to that save point and that guilt starts to stack up gettin pricey to cleanse.

overall its a great game, just depresses the ■■■■ outta me as i go along but i think that is what the devs aimed for on top of horrifying you with the death metal bosses and such lol. i mean cmon, even the beer man burned alive, and all he wanted to do was spread jovial festivities. nope, you are miserable too ■■■■■■, burn ■■■■■! lol

edit: and its to my understanding the “grievous miracle” is what caused the realm of custodia to be what it is. everyone suffering their own penance


Yeah man they pulled no punches with this game! Its heavily inspired by Dark Souls turned up to 11.

Been playing Borderlands 3 this past week. Happy to say it’s turned out good so far despite everything, with all the series’ strengths present in full force. The mission design in particular is pretty much unparalleled as far as open-world/looter shooters go these days. Only major complaint is really laggy and somewhat clumsy menus.

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one of my friends was lookin at BL3 but the DRM turned him away

played more blasphemous, those spear bull ■■■■■ are annoyin pricks lol

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Despite what?

I assume this is PC. I know there are better and worse ways to handle DRM but I always find it a little odd that we are supposed to be offended by people trying to prevent piracy.

its certainly a hot topic. some are more draconian than others, iirc i think it was one of the bioshocks (part 2 i think?) that had DRM that only gave the user a certain number of installs. people have their reasons, but to me its whatever

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The controversy over the Epic Games Store exclusivity deal, and the numerous incidents involving Gearbox’s botched releases and the behavior of its CEO over the years, and 2K’s strange actions around the game including giving out review copies selectively. There’s been a lot of nonsense surrounding the game and I’m just relieved it came out fine after all of it.

Man Blasphemous is tough! Im stuck up in the northern part that’s snowed over. Ugh… probably in the wrong area…I had to take a break before I broke something! Now Im back on the Surge… finishing the DLC before the SUrge 2 next week!

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does the wind change directions? that area is real tough man, but you can do it. just be patient, be methodical, no rushing. the wind is favorable, strike. avoid the stone knights. the animated wall panel things, you can get in 2 strikes before you need to parry again. im really far into it, i beat a boss and the game bugged lmao i have to fight again

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